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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fear, Faith and Patience

Just how far would you be willing to go to stand up for you innocence, even though it seems as if everyone else around you is willing to believe the lies? Would you be willing to risk public humiliation, being arrested and face trial in the face of lies? Felecia S. Killings takes her story to book format in her personal memoir few of us would be willing to face.

When Felecia was growing up she was an exceptional student, excelling well above her fellow students, so much so that her father withdrew her from private school and enrolled her in public school assigning her Advance Prep courses in all her subjects. Being a black student in mostly predominantly white schools, she witnessed racial prejudice throughout her high school and college years.

She vowed that by becoming a teacher she would work hard to treat her students better than they were being treated even if it meant setting herself apart from her peers. That is just what ended up happening as she found herself the center of controversy regarding the discrimination of students at Rodriguez High School in Fairfield, California in 2006. When white students were found to be driving recklessly in the parking lot of the high school with a Confederate Flag tied to their car and dragging a teddy bear with a rope tied around its neck on April 4th, Martin Luther King Day, they were given Saturday detention, while black students in the school received a three day suspension for using curse words on campus. It was clear to Felecia that something needed to be done even if she would lose her job as a teacher, she worked her whole life for.

She united with parents, teachers and faculty members to present her findings before the Fairfield Suisun Unified School District Board of Directors. She had tried to work things out with the principal at the school but nothing was done, so she was left with no other choice than to take this matter before the board. It seems like this type of discrimination and hate crimes were happening at other school as well and something must be done to change the policy.

What happens to Felecia during her stand to change the policy is what she believed God called her to do, a Queen Esther Prophecy, she believes and it only gets worse from here, just like Esther had to stand up for the Jewish people, Felecia will stand the ultimate test and you can read about her personal story in her book, Fear, Faith & Patience: My fight for justice in an injustice system.

I received this book compliments of Pump Up Your Book Tours and Felecia Killings for my honest review. This is one book that should be read by everyone who has ever tried to stand up for what is right only to face persecution of the worst kind. The best part is that God will stand with us through it all and I think that testimony of God's presence with Felecia is present in her personal memoir. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars because it shows that even today, persecution still exists for God's chosen people!

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  1. Thanks Kat for hosting Felecia and the great review.


  2. This sounds like a wonderful read.
    sidne at

  3. She had sexual intercourse with a 16 year old student, what gives her the right to become an author? She should be ostracized not accepted.

  4. Nerd,

    Because if you understand the grace and forgiveness of God, you can be forgiven for anything you do. That's the best part of walking with Jesus is that nothing we do is too great, that we can't ask for forgiveness, repent (walk away to do no more) and walk in His grace. It doesn't have to be earned.

    If we reacted that way to anyone who did anything wrong, none of us would be in fellowship with one another, because we are are guilty of sin, there is none greater in God's eyes, sin is sin. Yet we can ask for a fresh start in coming to Him and He will gladly wash the slate clean.

    I applaud Felecia for taking a stand to share her testimony and show how God has changed her life.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

    1. Oh, it does me good to see ignorant morons like you buy into such lies. I mean you believe the Bible, so what's stopping you from believing this whore-ibble woman. (See what I did there?)

      Let me drop some knowledge on you, my low low IQ friend, I went to that school she taught in, I read her god-awful book, and every single one of the stories she wrote about fighting against the system or being treated racially are all lies and exaggerations. This woman was the laziest teacher I have ever seen. She was the very core of whats wrong with America's education system, no interest in expanding students minds or encouraging learning, just a full year of workbooks, and generic assignments passed down from horrid teachers throughout the years.
      Maybe if she wasn't so busy having sex with students she would have been a better teacher? Food for thought. Oh sorry, a thought is what people with intelligence have! You don't have to worry about that. Just let your imaginary Jesus wash over you.
      I don't care if you believe that she is good because God forgives her or whatever moronic belief. The problem is you now know she is a sex offender teacher, yet did not include that in a book, and still you are gullible enough to believe everything else she put in the book is true. Breaking report: her entire book was one lie after the other. She was an awful teacher who ironically was going to be let go that year before the whole sleeping with underage boys came into play.

      In short: God doesn't exist, you all are idiots, kill yourselves.

    2. The God of the Bible, doesn't need any explanation, He simply exists to those that understand and know him. Grace is simply getting what we don't deserve and that is exactly what God shows in the Bible. We have all fallen short, we all have selfish self centered desires, but when you come to know God, He changes you from the inside out and allows you a freedom, the world doesn't offer. It may not make sense but it is the truth. God will judge everyone one day in the future, and one day every knee will bow and realize just how wrong they were when they failed to understand just who He is and what He represents. A freedom from anger, bitterness, despair, depression, pain, hurt and is instead replaced with love, joy, peace, faithfulness, and self control. I applaud anyone who is willing to put their past out there, however dark and flawed it may be, and then share how God has changed them. It makes us all realize just how imperfect we ALL are!

      I will continue to pray for you that one day, the God I know and love, will reveal Himself to you in a way you can't deny and you will be forever changed!

      Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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