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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Last Plea Bargain

Just where do you stand when it comes to the death penalty? Are you for it or against it? In the latest novel by Randy Singer, The Last Plea Bargain, this is the synopsis the reader finds themselves immediately engaged in.

Assistant District Attorney, Jaime Brock is in the heart of a difficult case. Her mother was murdered and her father was shot but survived the vicious attack in the Brock family home by Antoine Marshall. He was convicted when Jaime's father positively identified him in a line up. Now after almost ten years, and numerous appeals, Antoine has only 4 days remaining before he faces lethal injection. For Jaime and her father, who now lies in a comatose state after undergoing two different strokes, this will finally resolve issues for all of them seeing justice served. Jaime has worked with her father, also an attorney, and has vowed to never accept a plea bargain, but believes that she will never pursue a case in which she can't win.

Now Caleb Tate, the high profile, wealthy attorney who defended Antoine, has now found himself charged in his own wife's murder. Caleb Tate arrived home to find his wife unresponsive and after administering CPR, finally called 911. They attempted to revive her but were unable to. Now the DA's office is investigating Caleb and the one person who wants on this case more than anyone is Jaime. She wants to bring this man to Justice after he defended Antoine and attempted to discredit her father on the stand.

Mace James is another attorney who is set out to prove that Antoine Marshall is innocent and will stop at nothing to make sure that what he believes is an innocent man, does not face death while the real killer goes free!

This novel is completely compelling in hooking the reader at the first page, as engaging as Randy Singer's writing style is. This one will have you, the reader, at a difficult crossroads. On one side you are engaged in the victims family's tragedy and wishing for resolution now that a guilty verdict has been passed for the last ten years. Then again, there is the case for Antoine Marshall who claims he is innocent even though he has been convicted of similar charges three other times. As a reader I see myself caught in the cross hairs of a difficult dilemma while initially beginning this book. Where do I stand? Do I support the victim in this case who has an eye witness in her own father, an attorney himself, or do I support the accused, the man who claims he is innocent?

I received this book compliments of Tyndale House Publishers for my honest review and found myself constantly jumping around in which side I would take in this compelling novel. Until I had all the facts in both cases, I simply refused to jump on either side as the book slowly reveals all the important clues. Being a huge lover of murder mystery's I tried to maintain a sense of impartiality until all the facts were in. This one will hold you to the final page as you try to solve both murders and once again Randy Singer gives a 5 out of 5 star performance in this crime fiction!

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  1. Wonderful blog - new follower! I too really enjoyed "The Last Plea Bargain". Randy Singer always hits on really tough subjects in his novels, whether it's the insanity plea, surrogacy, or this one, the death penalty. Always thought-provoking reads.

    God bless,


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