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Friday, March 30, 2012

River's Call

The Shining Waters Inn offers its guests a place to relax, and find peace and healing beside the Siuslaw River. Now that it's gaining more popularity, Anna Larson is staying busier than ever before. Now that she and Clark are working full-time at expanding the Inn's lodging by building more cabins, she isn't prepared for the news that arrives during one late phone call from her daughter Lauren. She is sick and physically exhausted and needs her mom. When Anna sends for her daughter and offers her time to be cared for at the Inn, Lauren gratefully accepts.

However what was thought to be a severe case of the flu, turns out to be worse than anyone expected. Lauren's pregnant and the father, Donald Thomas has no idea. Now all Lauren can think of is how her college life is going to be ruined by her baby and considers abortion. Anna cringes at the thought but realizes she can only support her daughter, she can't make her do anything even if that goes against anything she believes.

Worse yet, when Donald does find out, he is already seeing another girl and doesn't know what to do. When Lauren's grandmother, Eunice finds out however, she figures she can manipulate everything so Lauren gets her way, marriage and happily ever after. But life doesn't always offer a happily ever after ending as soon everyone will find out as the river calls all of them back.

Melody Carlson once again has created a beautiful story of what forgiveness means through her second novel in the Inn at the Shining Waters series, River's Call. Even though it can be read alone, you will want to understand the story about Anna and Eunice which is revealed in more detail in the first book, River's Song. I received this book compliments of Glass Roads Public Relations for my honest review and wish there was really a Shining Waters Inn because this story is amazing. The healing and peace that just being at the Inn offers is such a wonderful way to draw the reader into the story of Lauren and the difficult relationship between her and Anna. I love the Native American references that appear all throughout the book as Anna's heritage is explored more in this book. I would easily rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and look forward to the next one, River's End due out soon!

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