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Friday, March 9, 2012

Heart Echoes

When a massive earthquake rocks the city of Los Angeles, it brings to the surface some things that Teal Morgan-Adams has kept buried for years. At the thought of almost losing her daughter Maiya and her new husband River, she is faced with a challenge to return home and confront the past she has tried to forget.

When Maiya begins to act out against her parents wishes and begins seeing a boy name Jake, her parents are at a dead end with how to deal with her. At 16 she has been forbidden to date anyone until she finishes with high school, but since Jake showed up at her house to help with yardwork, she thinks she has fallen in love. When he shows up on campus, the school is immediately placed in a lock down mode until they find him. Now Maiya faces a 5 week school suspension, even though she claims, she didn't invite him to come see her.

When tragic news arrives from home in Cedar Pointe, Oregon, Teal is faced with a decision to return home to face her past or will she once again simply close that door and try to forget that was ever her home?

In the novel, Heart Echoes by Sally John, the reader is immediately invested in the story through a tragic circumstance surrounding the earthquake that makes everyone question their own mortality. Even though River has tried to become a great father figure for Maiya, her mother Teal refuses to provide her with any information regarding her father, simply saying he didn't want anything to do with Maiya or Teal once she told him she was pregnant, but for Maiya it's a piece of her life she is desperate to know about but her mom won't budge, until the call from Cedar Pointe comes and perhaps God is answering her prayer after all.

I received this novel compliments of Tyndale House Publishers for my honest review and think this one opens the readers eyes on what hiding the truth can do even though it may be hard to admit it. As always God is the central focus and shows the characters how trust and honesty are the bases for a good family foundation that will only grow in the years ahead. It also showcases the struggles of step parenting from a unique perspective and one I personally feel the author did a great job at. It isn't an easy role at all at times. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion and know you'll enjoy this heart-warming story.

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