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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Something Stirs

When the beginning page of a book begins with a warning not to read this book at night, one has to wonder just what they have gotten themselves into.

"Something Stirs is not a book to be read at night, or a novel for easily frightened people. Because Something Stirs delves into a kind of evil that actually exists, it makes the novel that much more compelling. " (excerpt from Michelle Sutton's review).

Yet as a reminder, I kept telling myself that this is a Christian book, so I must press on. It's been quite some time since I got the creepy feeling that I just might have to have a second look before heading into a dark room before turning on the lights and proceeded to dive in with caution on my side. I mean, if it got too scary I could always sleep with lights on or just stop til morning right?

Well after an hour and a half, I was well into the book with suspense happening at virtually every single page. At the half way point, I was hooked and simply had to know what would happen next. YES, it is that good!

Even though the housing industry was in a slump it didn't mean that houses could be built with the hopes of selling it to a new prospective owner and half way through completion is where our story gets interesting. After the construction company leaves for the day, four teens head to the empty house on top of the hill known as Grants Ridge, overlooking the town of Pike's Crossing. They want to create what is known as an occult circle or club. A place where they can give each other the creeps like through seances or telling scary stories. Rodney Hardwick is the leader of the four teens and he has other plans. Plans to use an ancient spell book he's come across to call forth an entity to serve them to right the wrongs in all their lives.

However one of the girls, Robin, felt this was getting way out of hand when she saw the pentagram on the floor and the candles at each of the points. She feared this went beyond spooky and into downright evil. She decides to leave even after being teased that she is just a baby. However Rodney, Myra and Kenny decide to stay. Just as the spell is about to be completed, a local deputy spots the lights in the house and the kids flee, but not before trapping an evil presence within the walls of the house. All it will need is to be free is to gain more blood until it gains more power to find a host to unleash the greatest horror on mankind. So for now, it waits. It waits for the Chalmers family to move in completely unaware of the horror that awaits them inside.

I received Something Stirs by Thomas Smith compliments of Christian Fiction Book Reviews for my honest opinion and can honestly say IT'S THAT GOOD. 5 out of 5 spell-binding stars for this one to keep me trying to decide if sleep was really all that important before finishing the book. I kept inhaling chapter after chapter, telling myself, I would stop at the next one, but it kept pulling at me to read on. Needless to say I finished it after a delightful 3 hours. It will keep you listening for things that go bump in the night and to wonder how that cabinet door opened by itself after all, but the best part is the authors message that only the love of God and the redemption of Jesus' can defeat evil. Not anything we can wage war on our own but simply the submission of letting Him work through us gets us through the worst of our storms. I can't wait to read more from Thomas Smith in the very near future.

For more information on this book, the author, listen to an audio clip of the prologue, or where to purchase a copy of this book, please click on the links below:

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