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Monday, February 25, 2013

Flora's Wish

She was the legendary Fatal Flora, the bride who had lost four fiancès to their untimely graves. All of Natchez knew that, so why not total strangers as well? He also knew that she had an ability to navigate heights, decent skill on the ballroom floor, and an interest in finding Will Tucker. It did not escape her notice, though, that somewhere out there was a strange man who knew her as Fatal Flora. A man who could ruin everything with Mr. Tucker.

That is, if Mr. Tucker ever saw fit to arrive for his wedding.

When a chance encounter at a masquerade ball behind a set of palms introduces Flora Brimm to Lucas McMinn, a Pinkerton agent on a reconnaissance mission at the Crescent Hotel in Arkansas where neither one of them was hoping to let on who they really were. However for Lucas, he seems to have the upper hand. Of course he has to be able to get past Millicent Brimm, her wealthy grandmother who seems to have plans for keeping Brimmfield from leaving the family. If Flora doesn't have an heir by the time her Cousin Winthrop Brimm turns 30, he will inherit the estate instead of Flora.

But the problem with Flora is none of her grooms-to-be make it to the altar before dying and with just 2 years left to secure a husband, a marriage and give birth to an heir, Flora has a plan. She has managed to convince Will Tucker, a railroad detective to marry her for just the legalities and give her a child that she will raise on her own. It's a marriage in name only. However when Will Tucker fails to show up for their wedding two weeks late, she feels there is something more going on with Will then what he's telling her. Especially when her grandmother claims to have seen him a week earlier but didn't know who he was. Will Will Tucker have an explanation that Flora will believe or will Lucas McMinn have other plans for the newlyweds?

In the novel, Flora's Wish by Kathleen Y'Barbo, we get a look at the unlucky circumstances of Flora Brimm. How one manages to get engaged four times and never married has many in town questioning whether Flora had anything to do with their untimely demises. Perhaps a Black Widow in disguise looking for a way to increase her holdings and keep her family's estate? Or is Flora's luck about to change? I can completely understand the motivation behind Flora's planning especially during the late 1800's where a woman's goal in life was to be married with a husband and family. Yet poor Flora can't seem to make a go of it no matter what she tries to do and feels desperate enough to marry in this case for money, but the money will be paid to Will Tucker to care for the needs of his family. At least that is the story he has told Flora, but perhaps the wisdom of Grandmama Millicent be just what she needs to finally hear and pay attention to before it's too late.

I received Flora's Wish by Kathleen Y'Barbo compliments of Harvest House Publishers and Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review. Being a huge fan of traditional regencies and historical western's you get a brilliant combination of both when you pick this one up. Flora's situation is similar to that of wealthy aristocrats but set in Arkansas in 1887. So this will appeals to fans of both book genres. Having never read a novel with this type of premise, I knew that this would be an interesting read and was not disappointed. I love how the author used the historical Crescent Hotel found in Eureka Springs as the inspiration for the setting as well as the Southern Belle lifestyle of her characters! I personally rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and look forward to more from Kathleen Y'Barbo in the future. This is the first book in The Secret Lives of Will Tucker series.

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting me! I hope your readers will love reading Lucas and Flora's story as much as I loved writing it!


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