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Monday, February 11, 2013

Safe in His Arms

I've been a huge western romance fan for almost as long as I've been able to truly love reading and whenever I find a great novel that has a strong woman character it makes it all the more enjoyable. In Colleen Coble's latest novel, Safe in His Arms, we are immediately immersed into the typical ranching lifestyle of Margaret O'Brien, the daughter of a Texas cattle rancher, that feels that it's high time for her to find a respectable husband and settle down to raise a family. Only Margaret is not the typical woman most men would find attractive. She wears britches instead of dresses, does the work of most of the men that work her father's ranch, and finds married life boring.

When her father gives her an ultimatum to find a husband or he will leave the ranch to her cousin Lewis, Margaret feels cornered. No matter how hard she tries, it seems that no man will give her more than a passing glance other than her father's new foreman Daniel Cutler. However, it seems that Daniel Cutler is not all he appears to be despite his gentlemen like manners, smooth talking compliments and whenever Margaret looks into his eyes she goes weak in the knees. When Margaret overhears Daniel having a conversation with a man in a darkened alley, she feels Daniel is after the ranch and her father's money. Seems like marriage isn't all it is promised to be, especially with the likes of Daniel Cutler.

When violence finds its way on to the Triple T ranch, Margaret believes that Daniel knows more than he is letting on and sets out to prove her suspicions correct and turn Daniel into the town sheriff. Yet how can a man who quotes scripture and looks at her the way he does really not have a redemptive quality to him after all. Perhaps its up to Margaret to bring Daniel Cutler into the light and reform his dark past.

I received Safe in His Arms by Colleen Coble compliments of Thomas Nelson Publishers and Litfuse Publicity for my honest review. Another captivating novel from Colleen once again. This is the second novel in the Under The Texas Stars series with Blue Moon Promise being the first. You can feel the intensity of Margaret's character in ways she tries to measure up to her father's standards and acceptance and her own self struggle with who she really is inside. One I found myself relating to in my own life and perhaps why I identified with Margaret's character so much. It often times gives the character a low self esteem whenever she measures her self worth but what others think she should be instead of accepting herself and her own strengths that God provided when He created her. It takes her some time to see herself as others do through a series of circumstances she finds herself in the middle of and in time her own self healing begins. Truly an unforgettable story for those that love western romances! I rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars.

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