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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Redeeming Grace

The one thing I've come to realize in life is that you can't outrun your past. No matter how much you try to hide it, unless you confront it head on, it will find you especially when it comes to politics. There is always someone willing to dig into closets to find the skeletons we kept in our past to bring them to light once again. In other cases, people will use such skeletons to blackmail people into accomplishing their own agendas and without involving themselves in it personally.

In the latest novel, Redeeming Grace by Ward Tannenberg, he uses these elements to create such a mind boggling story you can't help but wonder just how much of this could be used even today to create a master puppet show involving our own government leaders. While they receive the blame for the decisions they make, the rest of us refuse to accept the fact that they could be blackmailed into performing atrocities. We don't see the real show going on behind the scenes.

Such is the case with Grace Grafton, the main character in Redeeming Grace. Grace is the catalyst that ignites the firestorm of controversy and shows how things can escalate quite innocently and yet all are tied together. Grace was part of a controversy that happened seven years ago. She and two of her friends, Ilene and Bonnie Jo were hired as escorts to simply provide conversation and act as female dining companions for some high level political men at a dinner party. However when they arrive and things are not as they should be, it becomes apparent that the men have more on their minds then simply dinner. Things turn ugly and soon Grace has to flee for her life. It's a secret she has kept hidden this long because those high level political men are now in the running for president and vice president and they know that Grace is the wild card they need to gain control of.

I received Redeeming Grace by Ward Tanneberg compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas for my honest review. The story is exceptional once you ignore some of the inconsistencies that you may come across. In one scene Ilene is referred to as Irene and you find yourself stopping and wondering what just happened. In other places in the book, paragraphs and sentences repeat themselves one after another as if this book made it to publishing without a good and thorough edit. However, taking that all aside, this is an incredible book. It engaged me after about the 7th chapter due to the introductions of all the characters taking place at the beginning of subsequent chapters and then a vague prologue makes you wondering how it all connects. But trust me when I say, stick with it! It's so worth it and caught me staying up way to late to attempt to finish it. It was that hard to put down. It felt like a blend of Ransom and Taken mixed together to create a great suspense thriller that you wonder how it will all turn out. I rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars!

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  1. Thank you for the encouraging review.Like Grace, her story has remained hidden in my files for a number of years. It appeared that her witness protection program was successful. She would never be discovered. Thankfully, she is no longer Savannah's "best kept secret."
    Blessings, and thanks again for taking time to read and review.


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