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Monday, February 18, 2013

For Love of Eli

"You should be thanking God that you have these things to help you remember your loved ones."

How true this wisdom was coming from 4-year-old Eli who had already dealt with handling the loss of both his parents. Now if only Taylor could come to terms with her own grief and finally look in the attic where the memories of her family lay waiting to be discovered. After opening the trunk her mother had left for her, she discovered a box at the bottom with a letter that was written by her mother when she was 7 years old. Inside the box lay scraps of fabric her mother had hoped to turn into a memory quilt but died before she had the chance. Yet poor Eli didn't have much to remember either of his parents as his mother had gotten rid of most of their personal affects before she died.

Taylor had been appointed as Eli's guardian by his mother and as his aunt she wants to do something for his birthday to help him keep the love of his parents close to his heart. He spends his time helping Taylor with running the Misty Wolf Inn, a quaint Bed and Breakfast with a few horses for the guest enjoyment. Taylor alternates weekends and holidays with Eli's Uncle Reece, a pediatrician who is still having a hard time coming to grips with the fact he didn't see the signs of depression in his sister until it was too late. Now he spends his time second guessing every probable circumstance that could go wrong to make sure nothing happens to Eli. However no matter how much animosity he has for Taylor, it's her charming ways of making him feel cared for that is slowly melting his ice cold heart. Hopefully he will realize it before someone else does and whisks her away instead.

I received For Love of Eli by Loree Lough compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and Abingdon Press for my honest review. This is truly a story about healing and understanding that the process of grief is a long one and also one that never ends but gets easy to manage over time. Too many times all the "what if's" begin to surface when it seems as though we could have alleviated the issue or helped to prevent it from occurring in the first place. It goes to show some very heart felt emotions not only within the characters of Taylor and Reece but also in the child like faith of Eli, who truly is much older than he is on the inside. This is a great novel to share with anyone trying to get over something from the past and moving into the healing and forgiveness stage. I easily rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars! This is the fourth book in the Quilts of Love Series!

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