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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Return of Cassandra Todd

When Turner Caldwell left high school behind, he had hoped all the memories of being bullied went right along with them. Being the focus of many high school pranks, he couldn't wait to graduate and leave those times long behind him. Yet little did he know that those old memories would resurface in unexpected ways and literally right under his nose. When Cassandra Todd and her three-year-old son, Justin arrive in town, all those old feelings of his high school crush come rushing back. She was the ever popular cheer leader and it seemed like even then she didn't acknowledge him so why should today be any different.

Working as a handy man at the Mountain View Motel in Lakewood, Colorado and attending college pretty much occupied all his hours in a day. He had hoped one day to reap the benefits of working for Camp Kopawanee and helping troubled teens in a survival camp. Now supplementing his college classes in outdoor education and Psychology, he had hoped to one day make a difference unlike his former life in high school. Taking his ever present to do list from Harvey Jones, the owner of the motel, he found himself face to face with Cassandra in Room 21 to replace the door chain. What he doesn't expect to to find himself involved in helping Cassandra and Justin hide from her abusive husband, and one time high school bully, Brad Duncan.

When Cassandra leaves him in the middle of the night hoping to find a safe haven, she didn't think she'd run into Turner Caldwell, but she truly believes in the power of prayer and knows Turner is sent to her from God to help. But no matter how many times they try and avoid detection from Brad Duncan and his two thugs, they seem to be one step behind. Now that Turner's involved, Brad's out to make sure this time, Turner stays put even if it means killing him in the process. Will Turner be able to help Cassandra and Justin find peace or will Brad follow through with his threats and kill Cassandra and Turner and take back his son?

I received The Return of Cassandra Toddy by Darrel Nelson compliments of Realms Publishers and Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review. This is the second book written by Darrel that I have had the pleasure and true honor to review and I am so thrilled I did. His writing style immediately engages you from the prologue and even though you know how it might turn out, just being along for the action thrill ride is guaranteed to give you white knuckles turning pages and holding on to the book! I love how the survival training Turner has experienced in growing up, he is able to utilize when things go wrong and the threesome find themselves in a true survival situation in the mountains and no phone service. I absolutely LOVED how Darrel incorporates all this into this novel and kept me engaged until I turned the final page leaving me truly breathless. Well done, once again Darrel Nelson and I give this one a 5 out of 5 stars!! Can't wait for Following Rain coming soon!

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  1. Kat, once again let just say how much I appreciate you taking the time to read and review my novels. Your words of encouragement mean a great deal to me. All the best to you and your family.


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