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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why Diets Are Failing Us!

I know that there is a way to reduce the weight gain that is happening all over the world and I'm been doing my own research into what is happening to make it so hard to lose weight without going to the extremes. So when I was contacted to review, "Why Diets Are Failing Us!" by Peter Greenlaw, Dr. Dennis Harper, and Drew Greenlaw, I was hopeful this one might fill in the missing answers for me. At first the book has some great information that really draws the reader in, about the levels of toxins that we are introducing into our bodies through pollution, pesticides and additives in our food. In fact if you consider it, our food has fallen so far from what God originally intended. In fact, I would hardly call what most of us eat anymore as food, and it's no wonder our bodies are constantly craving more unable to satisfy the hunger within us.

Yet I can honestly say despite what this book claims on the back cover, it is not what you will receive once you read this in its entirety. I was hoping for what most would expect upon getting this and reading it, the answers we all seek to what is happening to our bodies, our food and what we can do to counter the effects. Yet in fact, all this book is is an ad for Isagenix products and testimonies from people who have been successful on it's diet and cleansing program. While I do not argue the claims as to whether or not this program works, the fact remains that the book is misleading.

If you're like most of us, you expect to get a book that defines how to sleep better, how to gain more energy, experience less stress and how to safely lose weight fast. I truly believe that we are a generation spiraling out of control with the fact we are doing more than we were 50 years ago, technology is enabling us to be more sedentary in lives and we are too busy to sit down and simply eat right anymore. Not only that, I think Peter has hit on the proverbial nail, that were are simply ingesting too many chemicals, toxins and additives that our bodies simply can't keep up with. Not only that the fast food industry and convenience foods are not helping for families that are looking for a way to save time, yet still eat.

If you are looking for answers like I am, this book does offer some insight I hadn't considered before but the fact remains that this book is strictly a glorified ad for Isagenix products and program. However if you are looking for a program that might work for you to help you might want to check out the companies website first before looking at this book to provide the answers based on what it promises. I received this book compliments of Peter Greenlaw for my honest review and based on the feedback I have provided I would rate this book a 2 out of 5 stars.

For more information about Why Diets Are Failing Us!, Peter Greenlaw, or where to pick up a copy of this book today, please click on the links below:

You can also find out more information about Isagenix Products from their website. 

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