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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


You've probably heard the phrase, "turn the other cheek," however is it possible to still turn the other cheek when the life of someone you love may be in danger? How long would you be able to remain passive even if your core religious beliefs were founded on those very principles. To not return violence with violence?

Yet in the small Mennonite town of Kingdom, removed from most of society to maintain those solid religious beliefs, the town suddenly finds violence has stepped inside the borders of the town. First with the burning of a church just on the outskirts of town and now when Hope Kauffman, has become the latest target of violence. She was returning home when a red truck forced her off the road in her buggy, but she was able to leap clear just in time. As the truck attempted to run her down again, she was saved by her answered prayer when Jonathan Wiese shows up in his truck and scares the driver off. Had it not been for Jonathan's quick actions, Hope might be dead.

Jonathan reminds her that the violence is growing towards those who hate Christians, burning churches, running drivers off the road and knowing that the people of Kingdom will not retaliate against them no matter how bad it gets. He advises Hope to please speak with the Elders of the church to see if there are so precautions that they can take to prevent the violence from getting out of hand. He offers to follow Hope back into town to her quilt shop, Kingdom Quilts but learns that not everyone is glad to see him, even if he did save Hope's life. Jonathan was a young man who moved to Kingdom with his family a year ago. He had immediately started sharing his ideas about reforming the Kingdom Mennonite Church and had caused some in the church to be upset with him and his beliefs. Her father was not at all pleased with the amount of time that Hope was spending with Jonathan even if they were only friends. Hope was engaged to marry Ebenezer Miller or Ebbie for short, but found herself wondering just what were her true feelings for Jonathan.

However will her father's opinions change now that Hope's life was threatened? Will he be able to stick with his foundational beliefs when the violence continues and the best they can hope for is praying for God's divine intervention? Is it possible to remain sincere to your religious beliefs and yet still protect those you love? All these answers are found in the latest novel, Unbreakable from Nancy Mehl's Road to Kingdom series. This is the second book in the series and can be read as a stand alone. Nancy's exceptional detail she pours into her characters will make you truly care about them as though you knew them personally and will make you want to go back to the beginning and read her first book, Inescapable.

I received Unbreakable by Nancy Mehl compliments of Bethany House Publishers and Litfuse Publicity for my honest review. This is such an amazing novel because it shows how truly devoted some people are to their faith, despite the fact that the world around them is changing and they can't remain locked away forever without having the world intrude upon them. It takes you behind the scenes through the eyes of Hope Kauffman and teaches us that sometimes it's alright to question the things you have been taught instead of simply accepting them at face value. It makes them easier to hold onto and shows that often times compromise can be achieved without losing your foundations in the process. I proudly give this novel a 5 out of 5 stars and look forward to the third book in this series coming soon. There is also a discussion guide included at the end that works perfectly for book clubs to enjoy this one as well.

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