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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Do The Work - Giveaway and Review!

Have a great idea but can't seem to move it in the right direction to see it become a reality? Whether it's a book, a movie, a project or just moving forward in life, we can be our own worst enemy. We get in the way more than anything.

Ringing the Bell:

Navy SEAL training put its candidates through probably the most intense physical ordeal in the U.S. military. The reason is they're trying to break you. SEAL trainers want to see if the candidate will crack. Better that the aspiring warrior fails here - at Coronado Island in San Diego - than someplace where a real wartime mission and real lives are at stake.

In SEAL training they have a bell. When a candidate can't take the agony any longer - the 6-mile ocean swims or the 15-mile full-load runs or the physical and mental ordeals of no sleep and no food...when he's had enough and he's ready to quit, he walks up and rings the bell.

That's it. It's over.

He has dropped out.

You and I have a bell hanging over us. Something that is holding us back from moving forward to our goals. Will we ring it?

There is a difference between Navy SEAL training and what you and I are facing now.

Our ordeal is harder.

Because we are alone. We can't tell whether we're doing great or falling on our faces. So what is stopping us from getting from here to there. One word: Ourselves.

In the latest book by Stephen Pressfield, Do The Work, helps the reader finally put things on motion by removing our greatest barrier, ourselves. Working through simple techniques that anyone can use in any situation, we must simply be willing to move forward. There are some great chapters on tackling any huge project and put it into manageable tasks that will move you forward.

There are also great stories of times where people have failed and through a series of reworks instead of submitting to failure, they achieve their goal and success in the process.

I received this book compliments of BzzAgent and Seth Godin's Domino Project along with Amazon for my honest review. The best part about this is that you can share in a FREE copy of this for Kindles through Amazon through May 20th. I have to say this is a great book that you can apply to any situation you are currently stuck in to help move you in the right direction. This book is available for your Kindle or in paperback formats.

I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars and if you would like more information on the Domino Project, read an excerpt from the book or download it for your Kindle, please click on the link below:


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    The giveaway is through clicking on the link and downloading a copy of the book to a Kindle for FREE through May 20th!


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