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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Strange Man

You remember the stories you used to tell around the campfire? Scary stories designed to spark fear in the minds of those listening and cause them to question the slightest little noise that goes bump in the night.

This is just such as story as those with only one difference.

This story is about to come true.

With a retelling of the legend of the bogey man and the creatures of the night leads children to listen to their parents and be good or risk the tell-tale scratching at their bedroom window, that signals that the bogey man has come for them. You don't want him to come for you. If he does, you won't be coming back.

In the latest chilling suspense thriller from master mind Greg Mitchell, comes The Strange Man. We are transported to the small town of Greensboro and meet Dras Weldon who is the disappointment of his ailing father, Pastor Jack Weldon and his older brother Jeff. Unemployed at twenty two, his highlights in life are negotiating the purchase of a super hero figure for his growing collection or drinking the night away at The Rave, the only club in town for the youth.

Jeff Weldon meanwhile has attempted to follow in his father's footsteps assuming the leadership role as Pastor of the church while his father struggles with his failing health in which pain medications are his only saving grace. Jeff is successful in his eyes, married and trying to find hope to keep his brother Dras from draining his parents finances when the bills come calling.

Only when an unpredictable storm comes to the town one night, both boys have an unsinkable feeling that something wicked has just come and will change not only the entire town but their lives as well. Will they have enough faith in God to survive?

To find out, check out the latest novel by Greg Mitchell, The Strange Man. I received it compliments of Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Tours for my honest review, and this one kept me praying to keep nightmares at bay and sleep with the light on. It's that good and rates a 5 out of 5 stars. Now my daughter in high school is engaging in this one and hasn't been able to put it down either. So if you looking for a great Christian suspense-filled thriller fiction book that will keep you jumping at the noises in the dark, than pick this one up. This is the first book in the series, The Coming Evil Trilogy and is available in paperback.

For even more information on this book, the author and even where to purchase a copy, check out the links below.

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  1. I don't like spooky stories, so I probably wouldn't like this one! I imagine you get all kinds of books to review. You'll have to enjoy this one for me!

  2. Rita, this is definitely the spookiest the CSFF Blog Tour has ever featured. It's not for everyone, that's certain, but people who like roller coaster adrenaline rushes will probably like this one.



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