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Monday, April 18, 2011

Max On Life

Ever been asked a really difficult question in your Christian life that you wish you had the answer to? Such questions as:

  • Do angels really walk among us?
  • Why do I worry so much?
  • I can't pray for more than a few minutes without getting distracted no matter how hard I try. Why does this happen to me? Does this mean I am a weak Christian?
  • We've taken a big hit in this economic down turn, and every day I fear losing my job. How can I be less fearful about this situation?
  • What does God think of suicide victims?
  • How could a loving God send people to Hell?
  • I was saved as a teenager and then stopped praying to God, obeying Him, reading my Bible and quit going to church? During that time was I saved? How can I be sure?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a great resource to go to for those answers even though we may not be so knowledgeable in Scripture? I would recommend the latest book from Max Lucado, Max On Life.

It's a great book of with 172 great questions Christians get asked all the time. The ones I have listed are the ones I get most often. Now in addition to the Bible Scriptures, Max also provides some great advice to go hand in hand with that. In addition to that, you can search the back index for subject topics like honesty, paradise, lust and choosing a mate for marriage. Here's an example of just what you will find:

156. What does God think of suicide victims? What does that mean for their salvation? For our memories? For our peace of mind?

Suicide victims battle life's rawest contests. They often faced a mental illness of illnesses and felt the peril of mental fatigue. What you and I take for granted, they coveted. Optimism. Hope. Confidence that all will be well. Their clouds had no silver linings: their storms had no rainbows.

Didn't we wonder, Why couldn't he snap out of this slump...shrug off this case of the blues...buck up and move forward? Of course, had the struggle been a physical one, we wouldn't have asked those questions. Of cancer patients we don't ask, "Why didn't they get rid of that melanoma?" We understand the power of cancer. We may not understand the mystery of mental illness. I certainly don't. But this much I have observed. Depression causes good people to make the wrong choice.

Let's be clear: suicide is the wrong choice. The date of our death is God's to choose, not ours. He gives life, and he takes it. When people orchestrate their own death, they make the wrong choice.

But is the mistake a spiritually fatal one? Do we despair of any hope of their eternal salvation? Are we left with the nightmarish conclusion that heaven holds no place for them?

By no means. For while suicide is the wrong choice, have not we all made wrong choices? And did Christ not come for people like us? Frame their lives rightly. Remember good decisions. Catalog blue-ribbon days. Jesus said, "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11:28 NKJV). God does not measure a person by one decision, nor should we.

I received this book compliments of Thomas Nelson Publishers for my honest review, and LOVED it!! I know I will using this book a lot as a parent who has teens in and out of my life, as well as for questions from my readers on my blog, Heart2Heart, my online ministry. This rates a 5 out of 5 stars! I love how easy it is laid out and how easy it is to find the answers and scriptures I need. In addition to using my Bible, it provides me with the why behind what the scriptures mean as I grow in my own spiritual walk.

This makes a perfect gift for any Christian regardless of where you are at in your spiritual walk and think its a great resource for our young teens as well who will require these answers through their own journey through life. Also for anyone who loves Max Lucado's books, this one is a must have to add to your collection! It's available in Hardcover and eBook formats.

You can find more information about the book, the author and where to purchase this book at the link below:

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