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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Petra City of Stone

Cassia never imagined how her life would turn out once she headed to the ancient city of Petra. She was returning there to her husband's family after he was tragically murdered in their home. Not sure just who they are, she enters the city among a caravan of merchants in search of a family she has never met and one her husband didn't speak of.

As night falls Cassia and her son, Alexander are assaulted and robbed leaving Cassia with nothing but their scattered articles while she lays unconscious. When an old man by the name of Malik offers her a safe haven and miraculous healing, she feels strangely at ease among the strangers.

What she learns at Malik's is that Alexander is the prince of the royal family and heir to the aging king of Petra. Relieved at the hope that they will rejoice in the reuniting of grandfather and grandson, she is about to face the worst evil and darkness known to man. The current Queen isn't about to give up her son's rightful place now that Alexander is brought before her and when she takes Alexander into the palace and has Cassia thrown out, all hope is lost.

Will Cassia be able to retrieve her son? What will she do now that she has no family in Petra? What darkness will attempt to reach out and keep the city in shadows while The Way moves in? Find out in the latest book by T.L. Higley, in Petra, City of Stone.

I received the eBook reader edition of this book, compliments of NetGalley and B & H Publishing Group for my honest review and LOVED it. The best part of the book is living in the times of the Ancient Egyptians and Romans and seeing just how difficult life was like. Not only that, seeing the pictures of the real city of Petra inspired me to imagine just what this story would be like during that time frame in a true spiritual warfare between good versus evil in the days where Christian were thrown to the lions. This book rates a 5 out of 5 stars for its historical accuracy to detail and in creating a very believable Christian fiction tale.

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  1. Great review, I loved this book too.

  2. Hi! I had problems with blogger last week. COuld not leave a comment here. SO enjoy the week and this looks like a wonderful read. Anne


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