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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Face of God

In the Old Testament, God divided His people into twelve tribes. Each one represented by a colored stone worn in the breastplate woven in gold that the high priest would wear as he entered the Holy of Holies, the sacred temple of God where the Ark of the Covenant was kept and where he would atone for the sins of the people of Israel.

Pastor Daniel Lawson is touring Istanbul with his wife Jill as their church is visiting Israel. When stopping to purchase some honey and ground sesame seed at a local stand, the merchant stops talking to Jill and sees a man begin approaching. In a hushed voice he wraps up a package and hands it to Jill and her husband and begs for them to leave. He is abruptly taken by the police and dragged off. Only a man remains staring at Jill and her husband.

When they return to their hotel, they discover there isn't any honey and sesame seed in the package, but a brilliant palm size emerald with Hebrew writing on it. As they get ready to depart their hotel, Jill rushes back in to get a shawl to cover her shoulders. When she is delayed a bit too long, an aid comes to get Daniel from their bus. When they return to their room, Daniel finds his wife has been stabbed and is dying leaving him a few words of a dream she had that will alter his life forever.

Ibrahim el-Magd is a man to be feared. A devote follower of the Qur'an, he is planning what he believes with be Allah's Day of Wrath, an unleashing of a jihad that will leave millions of non-believers dead. After 9/11, this will be the final battle of the infidels and will be Allah's final word. Now with everything set to go with biological and chemicals weapons awaiting his words, he is waiting on the Voice of Allah to confirm his timing. With four of the stones in possession, he is tracking those that have the remaining 8 stones. Legend has it that whoever possess those 12 stones, will hear the voice of God and be able to know the future outcomes of any war. With it he will begin his jihad on the world.

Doctor Helen Zimmerman has been working with the Israeli government to excavate more land to search for missing artifacts in hopes of finding the Ark of the Covenant that she believes the Knights Templar were in charge of protecting. When a colleague tells her that she is to go to America and befriend a Pastor who seems to be in possession of a great archaeological find, one of the 12 stones of the Tribes of Israel If she doesn't, all of her permits to uncover treasure will be pulled.

In the novel, The Face of God by Bill Myers, we follow a rag-tag team of hearty adventurers much like ourselves in search of the God's truth and His purpose. Much like a modern day Indiana Jones, Pastor Daniel Lawson has visions from God defining his purpose in searching for the stones of the tribes of Israel. Following the predictions from his dying wife, he believes if he finds them, he will hear the Voice of God and rediscover his lost passion.

I received this book compliments of Pump Up Your Book for my honest review and once again, Bill Myers doesn't disappoint. You find yourself, living in the hottest desert climates, searching underwater caves, and blinding sandstorms while slowly discovering God's secret for all of us along the way. Action packed by the page, this book rates a 5 out of 5 stars. It's left me wanting even more and can't wait to pick up the next book from Bill Myers. For those of you that love action, adventure, mystery and Bible artifacts and treasures, than this book is for you.

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  1. Wow, what a book this must be. Sounds intriguing!

  2. Thanks for your insightful review. It's always a treat to know when someone gets what we're trying to do.
    Thanks again!
    bill myers


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