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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Invisible World

Life isn't just what you see with your eyes. It's not just what you touch with your hands. The iceberg principle applies to everything in the world. So much that's real is under the surface. So much that's true is hidden and unseen.

God knows what he's doing. He knows what works and what doesn't work. And suffering works. During his passion, Christ experienced every kind of suffering imaginable. He suffered humiliation and embarrassment, mental anguish and emotional stress, sorrow and loneliness and depression; he suffered searing physical pain throughout his entire body, from his feet to his legs to his back to his chest to his hands to all his joints. The crown of thorns digging into his scalp felt as painful as any migraine headache, and the horrible suffocating sensation he felt hanging on the cross was as bad as any respiratory ailment. He went through it all. And in some mysterious way, when he cried out to Heaven: "My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?" he even experienced the nothingness and emptiness and black hopelessness of the unbeliever. At that moment, it can actually be said that God himself felt something of what it's like to be an atheist. Yes, Christ even went through that.

Why did he endure so much? For the simple reason that wanted to unite himself to us. He wanted to feel our pain in the same way that we feel it. By experiencing all the different kinds of anguish that we go through, Christ gave meaning to human suffering. Before Christ, all suffering was worthless. On a purely natural level, it may have helped people to grow and mature (as it still does today), but it had no spiritual value whatsoever. When Christ used suffering to save the world, he transformed it into a weapon to combat evil. And thus the reason for being invisible. If God was visible we would fear Him and what He could do because we would know He is in fact real. By being invisible, God is trusting us to making a conscience decision to believe in Him because He is God. (pg 155).

In the book The Invisible World by Anthony DeStefano, we are given an insider's look into the why's of angels, demons, spiritual warfare, and our souls as he explains just why these things are visible to us. I believe he makes a compelling argument for the reasons behind the fall of the angels, what God's purpose was in creating them and why there is such conflict in our world today. I love the message he shared that was quoted above from the book as to God's presence and why it was necessary to go through suffering and restore opportunity for eternal life for all of us once more.

I received this book compliments of B & B Media Group for my honest review and thoroughly enjoyed the insights offered by Anthony DeStefano into the inner workings of the unseen world around us. This book rates 5 out of 5 stars and would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for the explanation about the invisible world.

This book is available as a hardcover book and in eReader formats. For more information about this book, the author and where to purchase a copy, please click on the links below:

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