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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blue Skies Tommorrow - Giveaway and Review

Poor Ray Novak! He'll never feel like he'll measure up to the men his two brothers, Jack and Walt are, especially when his father and grandfather drops subtle hints, unaware how those are perceived by Ray.

Jack and Walt have been serving in the war effort in England in the U.S. Eighth Air Force, as fighter pilots. Now that Walt was injured his knowledge of planes is serving the Allied forces well as an engineer. Jack remains in charge of the US troops and their deployment missions as pilots in England.

However, Ray is afraid. He isn't prepared to deal with combat missions when he has been spending his time training men as pilots. Now that they want to use the training positions as rewards for pilots returning from combat missions, Ray's been assigned to supplies. Not a very glorified position considering his younger brothers military careers. Even though he feels his calling is to God's pulpit, he can't help fight the feelings battling within.

Helen Carlisle has spent the last year as a grieving widow for her husband who was a casualty of the war in the Pacific. Left with her son, Jay-Jay, Helen is trying to find a way to deal with her inner demons that are keeping her prisoner. Living in a house that she rents from the Carlisle's, she will do whatever she can to prevent the memory of her husband, Jim from being tarnished as a war hero in town.

When Helen has a bike accident while running errands as a Red Cross Volunteer, Ray Novak is there to rescue her as her knight in shining armor. Confused by her feelings she has had for Ray as a child, writing stories about Sir Raymond, rescuing the Princess Helen, she finds a real friendship in him now that they have grown up.

During the time they spend together, they find they care for one another more than just friends would, and despite her strong feelings for Ray, Helen is being asked by the Carlisle's to pursue a relationship with Vic Llewellyn instead. Yet despite her attempts to tell Vic she isn't interested, he maintains a constant vigil in asking Helen for a date. The last thing Helen imagines is marrying Vic Llewellyn. Imagine, Helen Llewellyn???

I received Blue Skies Tomorrow by Susan Sundin, compliments of Litfuse Publicity for my honest review, and being a huge WWII fan, I couldn't wait to see how this one would play out. It will not disappoint. Helen hide a huge secret that if exposed will change how the town will see it's hero changed and she wants to provide her son, Jay-Jay with a great father figure. It's only when this secret rises to involve more than Helen, that it must be brought into the light of God's truth for all to see.

What will the town think of Helen? Will she be able to protect her son, Jay-Jay from the most prominent family in town the Carlisle's? Will she be able to find the love of a man, who can love her despite all the pain she holds inside? Well, you'll just need to pick up the latest in the Wings of Glory series, Blue Skies Tomorrow, which is book three. Hands down, I LOVED every moment of it. Like a full-length movie that is so good your sad when the final credits roll, so you'll be when you turn the final page. Sarah Sundin does a great job engaging the reader from being a pilot of a B-17 bomber in England flying dangerous combat missions, to living at home, fundraising and running blood drives amid the shortages cause by the war efforts and living off ration books. I award this book a full 5 out of 5 stars and can't wait to go back and read the beginning books in this series!!

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Blue Skies Tomorrow by Sarah Sundin

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