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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Born of Shadows

The latest series coming to the reader called "The League" by Sherrilyn Kenyon has just launched the 4th book called Born of Shadows, and is one of the best books I have read in a long time! This was the first book I've read in the series, and cannot wait to read the other books as I could not put this book down from the first paragraph. I love the fact that book not only stands alone by itself, but is part of a series that I can now immerse myself into for the next few weeks!
The main characters Caillen and Desideria could not be more polar opposite form each other, yet they find themselves connected in series of events that will intertwine them for the rest of their lives however short they might be! The story line is so mesmerizing that I had to know what was happening from one moment to the next. The character development was so extraordinary from Caillen’s band of misfit friends who in of themselves can have a whole book written about each character to his past and Desideria's family history.

I found my self crying, laughing and becoming a part of the story as I kept reading from chapter to chapter! The only bad thing I could possibly say about this book, is that it had to end eventually and I was sad to reach the final page! This book is a keeper and will go into my library to read again soon!

If you are a Sci-Fi fan and love dark and mysterious story lines, then this is the book for you! I would compare this storyline to the Star Wars series of books and would also state that if these books would have been written 30 years ago, that Sherrilyn Kenyon could have been just a famous as George Lucas. Even better than the fact is that she has written all of these books and has a wonderful storyline with strong characters. I would rate this one hands down a 5 out of 5 stars and now off to buy the first in the series, the second and well you get my point.

I received Born of Shadows by Sherrilyn Kenyon compliments of Grand Central Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Groups for my honest review. For more information on this book, the author and where to pick up a copy of this book, please click on the links below:

You can also find her at her website by clicking here.

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