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Friday, September 23, 2011

Lucas Trent - Guardian in Magic

Lucas Trent has always felt like an outcast. Being super smart and having a knack for school just seems to make him unpopular until people need something from him, like help with a last minute test. Only then do people seem to talk to him. So when he finds an interest in magic, he isn't about to share that with anyone. Until he finds a chat group that is meeting near him who are interested in magic.

Arriving at a local chat room called the TimeStop, Lucas finds himself sitting at a table with other kids his age, most importantly one called The Professor, whom everyone at his high school admires and desperately wants to be friends with. Lucas and Darien immediately become friends as they share the common interest in being treated as outcasts at school. Soon they join others, Stephanie, Marcus, Cedric, and Jacqueline, who agree that they all share similar stories and agree to meet to discuss the possibilities of studying magic together in a Circle.

Meeting after school in a shack outside of town, the group begin to learn more about each other as they study magic together. They aren't able to perform spells like they want but the magic that each of them possesses will be found by who they want to become. When the group encounters a local daughter of a businessman on the verge of bankruptcy, they learn that something sinister is lurking in their town and they seek out a way to bring about justice and fight evil with good!

I received the novel, Lucas Trent, Guardian in Magic by Richard Blunt, compliments of Pump Up Your Book Tours and Richard Blunt for my honest review. At first I wasn't sure quite what to expect with young teens attempting to study magic spells and incantations, and then coming face to face with the darker side, but the more further into the book I got, I saw that these young teens were using their unique "gifts" to pursue righteousness, friendship and loyalty in helping other less fortunate. I would rate this book at 4.5 out of 5 stars and see the connection between this and Harry Potter, where you have a good versus evil story line and the desire to see justice win in the end.

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