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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shadow in Serenity

"A pigeon dropper? What's a pigeon dropper?"

"A huckster. A shyster. A con man. Y'all are making a terrible mistake."

Yet no matter how many times she tried to warn them, not only her own in laws and citizens of Serenity, no one wanted to listen.

Situated in Texas, Serenity was a quaint and peaceful town that some would compare to Mayberry from the old Andy Griffith show. One that was also beginning to feel the effects of the latest downturn in the economy. These are where hard-working, God-fearing people still lived and worked trying to find a better way. Where everyone knew one another and were willing to look out for others. Until Logan Brisco showed up.

Smooth-talking, wealthy, and charismatic, Logan has researched the small town of Serenity. He's been looking for a town that was down on its luck, a town that needed a dream or two, but also a town that still had resources. Green resources! The kind that would keep him in the lifestyle he had grown accustomed to, and only one person stood in his way, Carny Sullivan.

Carny Sullivan was a con-artist til the age of 17, who was raised by two small time frauds in a traveling carnival. Named after her family's lifestyle and trained to follow in her parents footsteps, she lived for the day she could finally walk away from this and live the life she could only imagine. Until the day Abe Sullivan walked in, married her, and convinced her, that he was the man of her dreams. Abe would also be the man who would later drink himself dead, leaving Carny behind with her baby Jason in Serenity, and Carny would learn that dreams don't come true after all. This is why she has to convince the residents of Serenity, that Logan is a con man.

In the latest novel by Terri Blackstock, Shadow in Serenity, we see what happens when Carny's past allows her to see what others can't. What others only want to see, is the possibility of their financial dreams becoming a reality; where they won't have to work as hard and prosperity once again return to the residents of Serenity. Some are willing to give all that they have just to make that happen.

I received this book compliments of Zondervan Publishers and Shelton Interactive for my honest review. I am already a huge fan of Terri's, so asking me to review her latest book was a true gift. Able to whisk the reader away from their present day circumstances and place them within the town of Serenity as a resident, is what makes Terri's writing so captivating and desired. There is an underlying message contained within the story, but unfortunately, you'll have to pick this one up, get lost in the story and like me, be left breathless as you finish the final page. Make sure you set some time aside when you start, because if you're like me, once you begin, you won't want to set this one down til you finish. Another 5 out of 5 stars for this novel and can't wait for you all to pick this one up at your local book retailers.

For more information about Terri Blackstock, Shadow in Serenity, read an excerpt, or where to pick this up, click on the links below:

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