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Friday, September 30, 2011

Kiss of Night

Lying within the darkness and the mists of the centuries old, lies a deep and hidden secret. It has been this way for many centuries and as long as there has been good in the world, so has there also been evil.

Now the clock is ticking on a war that is soon to rage, yet there still remains time to train those who will begun warriors and for those who will weld weapons of unknown secrets.

Susan Lambert thought that by taking a trip to Prague, she would be attending her grandmother's funeral. However when she attempts to visit an ancient cathedral her grandmother told her about, she meets a mysterious, tall stranger, with dark hair and the deepest blue eyes, who vanishes before her eyes.

Not knowing if this is just a part of jet lag or simply being too tired and overwhelmed by the history of the town, Susan will be drawn to a man she both fears and trusts at the same time. When her cousin Wendy, meets an unexpected man, she invites Susan to go to a night club with them. Immediately Susan knows that this man is evil and means to harm Wendy if she leaves with him. Excusing herself to change, Susan returns to find her cousin and the stranger have vanished.

Not knowing where to begin searching for her, she finds her tall, dark stranger who identifies himself as Raphael, waiting to help her find Wendy. What he is about to tell her will not only protect her on her quest, but will change her life forever. Vampires still live and not all of them are good. She just isn't sure if his intentions are to harm her or protect her.

David Trent, is visiting Prague for three months for his job research, and who also coincidentally finds himself in the same hotel as Susan. When he hears screaming coming from her room, he rushes in to find a vampire holding down a woman on her bed, and in the next moment finds himself thrown across the room, before blacking out.

In the novel Kiss of Night by Debbie Viguie', Susan and David will join forces with vampires to eliminate an evil threat of war about to be unleashed on the world, by a vampire older than Raphael, whose goal is to rule the world as the one true leader. What Susan and David are about to learn is just what ancient weapons, Susan's grandmother has left them and just what part Raphael's sire, Gabriel, will play in all of this.

I received this novel compliments of Faith Words for my honest review and loved a different take on your traditional vampire stories. This one is written for a Christian audience but anyone who loves Twilight, would be captivated by this one as well. There is an ongoing struggle within Raphael to find the salvation of God even though he served in the crusades as a warrior. He later found greed as his motivation to move up within the ranks and thus when turned into a vampire, maintained that lust for greed. Now he fights internally for the good he sees in Susan and how she is willing to do anything to protect him and keep him from harm.

This novel ends perfectly for a sequel and can't wait to hear about what happens to them in future. This one had me hooked from the first page, must like the Twilight series, and leaves me definitely for a taste of wanting even more. 5 out of 5 stars for this book that will leave you with a completely different take on all the vampire stories out there. This book won't be out until early October, but you can pre-order it now!

For more information on this book, the author and even a first chapter sneak peek, click on the links below:

You can also find Debbie on her website by clicking here.

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