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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Under a Fairy Moon

Every garden has the possibility for a child with an imagination. For Addy Marten, her garden belonged to the neighbor Mrs. Tavish, who rumor has it was a reported witch. Yet whenever Addy saw her, she was just an old woman, in a brightly colored flowered dress with a large hat who loved working in her garden and talking to her flowers.

Whenever Mrs. Tavish wasn't in the garden was when Addy would sneak in, to the deepest part, beneath the thick overgrown shrubs, next to the bubbling creek to the center where the statues stood. This is the place where her imagination came to life and where the garden would become more than just a make believe place for young girls to play.

In the novel, Under A Fairy Moon by T. M. Wallace, the reader is immersed in a magical world of a little girl who has just moved into a new home in Windy Falls and discovering all kinds of wonder locked within the garden of her neighbor Mrs. Tavish. She takes part in an adventure with a young boy in a yellow raincoat named Conner, when they both become separated in the world and must reunite before the Mid Summer. A perfect blend of A Secret Garden meets Narnia, the reader is in for a delightful surprise from the very first page. For anyone who dreams of Wonderland and becoming their own Alice, then this is truly the book for you. Just the kind of magic that makes us all children once more.

I received this book compliments of Pump Up Your Book Tours for my honest review, and can't wait to read this one with my 13 year old daughter who is bound to make this one a personal favorite. Filled with the delights of any child, in a secret world that adults don't know about, this feels like The Bridge to Terabithia meets Alice in Wonderland. You aren't quite sure if she is imagining it all or if this is really happening. I would rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and great for middle school readers who love fantasy adventure books. This one will not want to be one that is missed.

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