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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hush, Little Baby

Rarely does a book come around that makes you gasp as you read it, because you can't think the horrors it brings you to confront face to face will get any worse. In Hush, Little Baby by Deborah M. Piccurelli does just that and more as the story grows.

Amber Blake is a journalist who has been sent to work undercover at the Cedarview Women's Center in South Jersey, under the watchful eye of Dr. Albert Hines. Hardly believing she landed the job, she is sent on a mission to bring to justice the killer of her sister, Ashley who died during complications she received when she got an abortion.

Given inside information that there may be more going on at the clinic that what appears by a co-worker named Maggie, who tells her that fetal harvesting is taking place as well. When patients show up for their procedure they are asked to give up the rights of their fetus to science, which many are more than willing to do as a way to feel better about what they are doing.

Now all Amber has to do is bring back enough evidence on the clinic to have it shut down and Dr. Hines arrested, but at just 4-foot-tall, that appears to be a larger order than she planned. Especially when the good Doctor is more than attracted to her. What she doesn't tell anyone is that she is married, but separated from Evan, her husband, who is working on the undercover article. Evan wants to work with Amber at reconciling their marriage but when he doesn't want to have children because of the ridicule it may cause their children if they are drawfs, Amber is forced to look at divorcing him. What would he think if he knew she had a daughter with him that he doesn't know anything about?

I received Hush, Little Baby compliments of Christian Fiction Book Reviews and Deborah M. Piccurelli for my honest review. Being a huge pro-life, Christian, I had to see where this book was going and how it would end. It does make the reader wonder just what really goes on behind the back doors in those women's clinics even today and sees just how real and true this story could be. I applaud Deborah's efforts to bring a breathable, likeable character to life, in Amber, who is struggling with her own personal convictions of working at a clinic being a believer in God. She tries to make sure that women who arrive are given all opportunities to keep their child, but when the Doctor informs her she's going against policy and is subject to being fired, she finds she is up against a rope that only God can help her out of. I rate this one a 4.5 out of 5 stars and remind the reader that the subject matter may be a bit intense but overall provides a great story to engage the reader with its suspense.

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  1. Hi Kat,

    I just found this review, and am so blessed to have had you read my novel! Thank you so much for the fabulous review and kind words you put into it.

    Also, I would like you and your followers to know that the cover has been changed, and they can check it out on my website in May at

    Deborah Piccurelli


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