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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Need You Now

It seems like at some point in our lives, we'll blame God for something that hasn't gone right in our lives. Perhaps it's the death of a child we didn't seem coming, or trouble with finances or an affair within our marriage. Yet often times God will place someone in our path when we struggle with the answers why to help us deal with this situation in ways they can verbalize and help us understand when God's ways can seem to overwhelming to comprehend.

In Need You Now by Beth Wiseman, The Henderson family is about to face the biggest challenge of their lives and their faith in God will be tested in ways like they never could imagine. Just when their lives seem to be settling down after moving from Houston to a rural small town of Round Top, Texas, the begin to see the facade that each of them have painted for one another.

With their youngest daughter Grace, just fifteen-years-old, she struggles with being labeled as the perfect child neither of their parents needs to worry about. Yet besides dealing with a boyfriend she left behind when they moved and trying to find new friends at her school, Grace has to find new ways of dealing with her out-of-control emotions. She turns to cutting, to release the emotions that are building up inside and a way to maintain control. Only thing is no one knows except a Goth girl at school named Skylar. Will she be able to stop in time before her family finds out?

Darlene Henderson has been the picture perfect role model of wife and mom, and now that her kids don't need her for anything else but a hot meal, she finds solace in getting a job helping special needs children. When Dave Schroeder, the father of the autistic girl she's been working with, begins to develop a much stronger interest in her that he could have imagined since his wife died, he begins to find new ways to come and see Darlene. Will she be willing to walk away from her own marriage to her husband Brad, even if he is seeing someone from work?

I received Need You Now compliments of B & B Media Group for my honest review and think that Beth Wiseman has done an incredible job at identifying the signs of both affairs and teenage cutting in this remarkable fictional book. Even though the characters are fiction based, this could very well be the story of any family we know. I applaud her for informing her readers through this powerful story and show how often pray is our last resort to our problems when it should be our first line of defense. I highly recommend this book and rate it a 5 out of 5 stars!

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