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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Secret Heroes: Everyday Americans Who Shaped Our World

Some names in history are easily associated with the greatness of the acts they committed or simply by the person that they became. Other's however often go by the wayside because no one paid them much mind but their accomplishments are just as worthy as those of someone whose name is synonymous with greatness.

In the novel, Secret Heroes: Everyday Americans Who Shaped Our World, author Paul Martin did some extensive research into the lives of people who really did have an impact on the way this great country has been so blessed. Names of people you wouldn't recognize such as Carl Akeley, Jimmie Angel, Kirk Bloodsworth, Ishi, Hercules Mulligan, Cynthia Ann Parker and even Solomon Louis. In this amazing book, Paul Martin researches 31 amazing people whose lives had a lasting impact in ways we fail to recognize and in some cases taking our own government decades before they acknowledged the sacrifices these people made.

Ishi was the last of his Native American tribe that would rather risk death than living alone when his entire race of people were slaughters by the white man, leaving him all alone. Yet no remorse or bitterness was present when white man came to attempt to communicate with him and his story will not only make a lasting impression on your mind but on your heart as well.

Cynthia Ann Parker, was a white girl that was abducted by the Comanche tribes and spent years becoming part of their lives until her family intervened and attempted to bring her back to freedom. In the end, it broke her heart and ultimately brought about her own death.

We've all seen or heard about the movie Windtalkers, the men who kept our nations secrets from being discovered by the Navajo Indians during World War II, but failed to acknowledge the Choctaw Indians who began the practice in World War I, and even our own government failed to recognize their service to our country until 2008 when President George Bush finally signed the Code Talkers Recognition Act into law and authorized Congressional Gold Medals for the eighteen original Choctaw code talkers.

As you can see this book captures some of the untold stories of true American heroes and is a must read for those who love history and the stories that went along with them to make them great. I received this book compliments of Harper Collins Publishers for my honest review. Being a huge lover of history I was immediately drawn to this book. There are stories about men and women, of all races and nationalities, who made huge impacts or whose stories set the precedent for greatness to follow. I easily rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and will now find a permanent place on my library shelf for future reference. Not all of us may be recognized for our greatness but it doesn't mean that great things won't happen.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely review, Kat :) Sounds like a really inspiring read :)


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