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Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Uncommon Grace

Grace Conner is serving as a nurse practitioner in Afghanistan as the war around her rages on. Struggling to determine whether or not she should reenlist again for two years, she prays to God to give her a definitive sign one way or another. Upon opening her email, she sees an email message telling her that she is needed to come home and that her grandmother Elizabeth has had a heart attack. Taking this as a definitive sign from God, she returns home to help her grandmother heal.

Levi Troyer was heading home from selling his baskets early one morning and was surprised to see that his house was unusually quiet for this time of day. When he called out and got no answer, and seeing laundry still sitting on the back porch and spilled water, he knew something was wrong. When he rushed to the porch, the pile of laundry was his step father who lay in a puddle of blood and was dead. Hurrying inside, he finds his mother, 8 months pregnant, shot but still alive. If only his family had a phone nearby, but since his family is part of the Swartzentruber Amish, they aren't allowed.

He grabs his horse and heads to his neighbors house and prays that the woman named Grace is at home. When she opens the door, Levi tells her what has happened and she immediately grabs her medical bag and drives over to his home. Barely alive, she calls for an ambulance and cares for his mother Claire until help arrives. Had it not been for Grace's quick thinking, his mother would have died along with his stepfather. Now it's up to Levi to care for his brothers and sister, while his mother and baby fight for their lives.

In the latest novel by Serena B. Miller, An Uncommon Grace, immerses the readers into the lives of a different order of Amish believers, the Swartzentruber, who are very strict in their lifestyles, besides no phone shanty's, no indoor plumbing, they aren't even allowed the safety features of a simple reflective triangle to attach to their buggy's so they can be seen by English drivers at night. This is a wonderful story that Serena draws her readers into from the first page. Not only is there a murder to be solved but also learning how an English woman and an Amish man can learn to be friends at least while romantic feelings slowly begin to develop.

You can't help but love the characters of Grace and Levi but also the setting of the story is so vivid in rich detail, as you read this, you can imagine the warmth of the hay in the sun, the rich deep smell of the earth as they garden and even the beauty of the afternoon thunderstorm. I received this book compliments of Howard Books, a division of Simon and Schuster for my honest review and LOVED it. I rate this novel a perfect 5 out of 5 stars and now I sit on pins and needles waiting for the next book to come out by Serena that will once more captivate the readers so much that they will not be able to put it down until they turn that final page.

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