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Friday, June 8, 2012

All of Our Dreams

Even though I couldn’t explain how he could do such a thing, I wasn’t yet ready to believe that Thomas Constant possessed supernatural mastery over time because of one simple parlor trick. I stood and went to the window. Outside, the world was like a photograph. The trees were bent ever so slightly to the east from a wind that no longer blew; a child riding a bicycle appeared to be pedaling as fast as he could, though neither his legs nor the bicycle’s tires were moving. Time had stopped. Thomas Constant had stopped it.

Now that he believed, all Luke Harrison had to do was make a simple choice. 7 more hours to live or go back to any 7 hours in his past. Faced with the horror of what his life would become if he made no choice at all, he chose 7 more hours. He had some last minute details to take care of if he ever wanted to spend eternity with his wife, Adrianna. He only had 7 hours to make sure everything was taken care of.

The one thing he knew for certain was that Time is not a constant. It is priceless and fragile, gentle and fierce, your companion one moment, then suddenly gone. He knew that his time had come to an end. He wasn't afraid, not anymore.

In the short story, All Of Our Dreams by James Andrew Wilson, captures his version of the premise all the six other authors have been challenged with, to create a remarkable story with his talent dealing with a simple choice when faced with death. I think James did an exceptional job at creating his own masterpiece. This is my first experience with James Andrew Wilson's writing and it most certainly will not be my last. I was captivated from the first line and he held me tight in his grasp until I read the final line. I am ready!

This is my fourth book in the 7 Hours Series, which is a collection of short stories geared to wet the appetite of anyone looking for a great experience in suspense in a short amount of time. But a warning must be issued to the reader, you won't be able to read just one. You will want to read them all! If you love twisted short stories with a powerful message, much like the Twilight Zone or Night Galley episodes, then you will LOVE this book as well as the rest. I easily rate this one at a perfect 5 out of 5 stars!

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