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Friday, June 1, 2012

Necessary Heartbreak

What would you do if you found yourself transported completely by accident into the Biblical past, back to the time of Jesus' ministry just before the crucifixion? Well that is exactly what happens to Michael Stewart and his daughter, Elizabeth.

Having many struggles early on in his life, Michael now finds himself raising his daughter, Elizabeth on his own, having lost his wife, Vicki. Now Michael has turned his back on his faith in God and in a surprising turn of events, while helping out a food drive at the local church, Elizabeth disappears into the basement behind an ancient door in the floor. When Michael attempts to go after her, they find themselves transported into first-century Jerusalem during the last week of Jesus Christ's life.

Not exactly being dressed in local attire and coming to the aid of a man being severely beaten by Roman soldiers, Michael is arrested for interfering. He soon finds out the man he attempted to rescue was Barabbas, accused of murdering a Roman soldier. Now trapped within an ancient prison, all Michael wants to do is find Elizabeth and get back to their real home. Elizabeth finds herself the center of unwanted attention when one of the Roman soldiers, Marcus, sees a possible wife in finding her. Now she must remain hidden while the Passover feast begins and the city is swarming with soldiers and citizens. She finds shelter and security being taken in by a local woman named Leah, who knows Michael already. How is that possible if they just entered Jerusalem today?

When Michael is released from prison, he thinks it's because he's befriended by Marcus, only he is using Michael as bait to find Elizabeth. When Michael attempts to find Elizabeth in the busy city, he comes face to face with Jesus Christ as he is entering the city on Palm Sunday. Will Michael and Elizabeth ever find their way back home, or does God have bigger plans by transporting Michael back in the past to find his love for Christ again?

In the novel, Necessary Heartbreak by Michael J. Sullivan, the reader is given a great look into the historical world of ancient Jerusalem and how we might view this time in history through the eyes of Michael and Elizabeth. This is Michael Sullivan's debut novel and I was fortunate enough to read the sequel to this one first, Everybody's Daughter and immediately found the connection between the two stories. This is a fantastic series for anyone who loves Bible history and who would love to go back in time without the fear of being really trapped there like our characters from the story. I love how both characters view this opportunity to meet Jesus in this once in a lifetime moment.

I received this book compliments of Michael J. Sullivan for my honest review and once again have to applaud his talents as a writer. Even though this is his debut novel, it was well thought out and the story line is amazing. It truly holds the readers attention throughout and wonder just what the interactions will be during their trip into the past. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and if you love science fiction blended with a bit of history with a Christian twist, then this is the perfect book for you.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and post a review on the first book of the series. I do appreciate your thoughts about the story and kindness knowing it was my debut novel. :)


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