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Monday, June 11, 2012

Love in Disguise

Just who has Ellie Moore become? Even now, looking back she can't remember, but God can. Now that she has given up the life of an actress in Chicago and trying to find a way to make a living, she overhears a conversation between two men looking for a woman for hire. They are Pinkerton's and were hoping to locate a woman to send along with a younger one to find out who's been stealing silver from the mines in Arizona.

When Ellie applies for the job with little more than being aware of other's conversations as her only experience for the job, they look at her plain, young looks and politely decline to hire her. What they were looking for, was an older woman to accompany the young Norma Moore as an elderly escort to Arizona. Thinking back to her theater experience in Chicago, she quickly changes into a disguise as an elderly woman called Lavina Stewart, wearing a grey wig and elderly clothing. When she returns to the agency, neither man can recognize her and are ready to hire her, when she reveals who she is, begging them to give her a chance. Seeing no other options, they offer to send her along with Norma, an experienced field agent to Arizona.

However, when she meets up with Norma and learns she has no intention on going to Arizona now that she has fallen in love and gotten married, Ellie, heads off on her own, hoping to come up with a plan before she arrives in Arizona. Her only hope lies in the costume trunk she was left with from her previous work with the Chicago theater.

Steven Pierce is finding it hard to keep his silver mine going with the recent thefts. He agrees with the other silver mine owners to hire the Pinkerton's to help since they aren't sure their local Marshall isn't part of the recent string of silver thefts. He sure doesn't seem to want to do anything to bring anyone to justice. Now if only he can keep his head above water before his mining operations going under with this bank account become thinner and thinner. When Mrs. Lavina Stewart arrives to meet with him, he feels God has answered his prayer in finding a way to keep his mining operations afloat as an investment. If only he knew behind that wig and costume lies the help he was asking for in a different way.

In the novel, Love in Disguise by Carol Cox, Ellie Moore will have to use everything in her bag of tricks to deceive not only all the residents on the town of Pickford, Arizona to keep not only the disguise of Lavina Stewart up, but to answer for the missing niece the Pinkerton's have hired with Ms. Moore, whom she hasn't explained isn't there. Lucky for her, she has another wig in her costume trunk to play the parts of two women while questioning the town for clues to the silver mine thefts.

I received Love in Disguise compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and have to say this one was interesting in a variety of ways. First introducing not only the Pinkerton's into a historical fiction, but making her a woman character as well. Add to that mix, a woman who must master the art of deception and disguise while solving a crime. If she can do it, she knows it will secure her a job with the detective agency once this case is over. The character Ellie portrays is definitely believable and I can see how hard it would be to keep track of what towns person has told which character what information, as she switches between the two woman. Will anyone catch on why the two are never seen together? You'll have to read this one and find out. I personally rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and can't wait for more from Carol Cox in the future.

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