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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Recollection - 7 Hours Series

"Nine-Three-One-One-One-Seventy-Five-Seventy Seven."

These were the same numbers that New York taxi cab driver, Adrian Colfax heard himself mumbling each time he drifted in and out of consciousness. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't remember what they meant and why they were continuously on his mind. At 1:01 a.m. he ventured inside Java Cove, a coffee shop he used to frequent every night for a cup of joe back when he was a cabdriver in Manhattan. Back when he was working through the night shift to put himself through college. Back when...

Back when he was in love. Now as Adrian entered the coffee shop, he saw that his old friend Scotty Leonard was still managing the place. He still looked the same after all these years. Adrian felt like Rip Van Winkle waking up after decades of sleep to find that the world had passed him by. Only in Adrian's case the world hadn't changed at all. It just felt older somehow.

He find that by talking to Scotty about his dream and wonders just what the numbers 931117577 mean. Even Scotty can't make heads or tails of the message and refers him to his cousin Pam who is a physic palm reader that occasionally works for the police as needed. He takes Scotty up on his offer and persuades Pam to see him even though she has closed for the night because of Scotty. When she takes his hands across the table she sees something so horrifying and dark, that she immediately tells Adrian to leave. All she will tell him is that he seems to be out of place somehow. That he is unclear and out of focus. He feels that the dark cloud might be death and when he questions her further, she asks if anyone close to him has died recently. Someone he loves.

That's when Adrian realizes that this dream must have something to do with his girlfriend Kate, yet before he can locate her, he has another dream this time longer than the last one and in it the details become more clear. He meets a man who tells him that time is wasting. You just might be able to save her...if you can remember in time. Now if he can only remember what that is that he is supposed to do.

In the short story series, 7 Hours, Recollection is one written by Tom Pawlik and again we are visited by a man who provides an offer simply too good to be true. This one involves Adrian Colfax who is warned that he needs to be careful trying the change the past. You might not like how the future turns out. This is such an incredible series, I am inhaling each one like desserts. They are rich in detail, suspense and always a twist in the message that probes the reader to wonder if you were at the end of your life, and given a choice, to have an additional 7 hours to your life or to go back and revisit 7 hours of your life, what would you chose? That's just what you discover in this short story from Tom Pawlik, what the choice that Adrian makes affects his life and you'll have to read it to know how it all turns out.

Trust me, it's a great story and one I highly recommend. I give this one a 5 out of 5 stars! These are available as eBooks only right now through your local online retailer. So far, I've read three out of the 7 and am going to read them all. If you love stories like your classic Twilight Zone or Night Galley episodes, you will LOVE these!

For more information about Recollection, Tom Pawlik or where to purchase this wonderful eBook, please click on the links below:

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