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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beach Colors

Margaux Sullivan is at the end of her rope. Once at the top of her game in the fashion world, creating breath-taking designs and clothes, her husband Louis, emptied the house, their bank account and her world when he left without saying anything. Now that she has her car and a little money left, she heads back to her childhood home, a beach front house in Crescent Cove, Connecticut. Just before she finally makes it to her retreat, red and blue flashing lights appear in her rearview mirror. This is part of her past she didn't see coming, literally.

Nick Prescott is the Chief-of-Police and when a speeding blue convertible heads into his down just before the height of summer, he knows his days will be longer than he ever thought. Pulling her over, Nick learns that the driver of the car, is the girl from his childhood, the one who captured his heart then and now it seems has snagged it once more. As he hands her a speeding ticket, he realizes that even though so many years have separated them, she will always have a place in his life, even though she doesn't know it.

Nick is beyond overwhelmed with not only his job, but taking care of his nephew Connor, who was abandoned by his mother one day when she decided to drop him off at a neighbors and never returned. She simply couldn't deal with the loss of her husband and the burden of raising a child on her own. Now however, Connor has been dealing with tragedy by isolating himself and has come to lock himself inside his own little world, no longer the little boy that he should be. Nick knows between himself and his mother, they will try everything to help him recover, if Nick can only find a way to reach him.

In the beautiful novel, Beach Colors by Shelley Noble, Nick and Margaux have to learn to deal with challenges that are often outside of their control and learn to accept help from others. It doesn't label them as weak or failures, it simply shows us that with the love of friends and family, we can weather through any of life's storms. This is a beautiful summer read, that captivated it so richly, I could feel the warm summer breezes and see the details landscapes and colors that Shelley Noble so eloquently describes. She places the reader in her book so well, you are disappointed when you realize you aren't really there. The characters are vibrant and personable, the setting breath-taking and above all, the storyline is magical, just the perfect recipe for success in my opinion.

I received Beach Colors compliments of William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins Publishers for my honest review and I absolutely love Shelley Noble's writing style. It conveys a warmth and love for her characters that appeals to the reader and keeps the story engaging so you simply can't put it down. While this is my first book from her, it most certainly won't be my last. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and a must read for anyone looking for a bit of romance along a small beach side town and filled with starry nights, hopes and dreams just waiting to be fulfilled.

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  1. I really enjoyed your review. I havent read any books by this author yet - but after reading your review, Im putting this one on my to be read list.

    Thanks so much!


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