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Friday, June 8, 2012

Teardrop - 7 Hours Series

If you were presented with a choice at the moment of your death, to live another 7 hours or to go back and relive any 7 hours of your life, what would you chose? Either way, you will die it's just you are given a choice in how you wish to spend your final hours? This is just the decision presented in the 7 Hours Series.

In Teardrop by Travis Thrasher, Mike Harden, owner of the Grind coffee shop is moments away from suffering from a massive heart attack when Mr. Thomas Constant pays him a visit just in the final minutes of his life. The choice is his, 7 hours more, or any 7 hours in his past.

At first, Mike can't believe it but when pressured for a choice in the final minute, his is an easy one. He wants to go back to his wedding day, the day where he can confront one of his wedding guests and one who will ultimately kill his wife based on meeting her that fateful day. But just how is possible to kill a man on your wedding day and go completely unnoticed? Taking his training as a former cop, Mike tries to remember back what happened that day, but the unfortunate timing of his wedding coordinator keeps Mike so busy, it's hard to find a way to confront Vince without leaving witnesses and still participating in his wedding day. Will he be able to go through with it or will his actions forever change the future he would have later in life?

This short story collection in the 7 Hours Series, reminds me of Lay's Potato Chip's saying comparing this series of books, You can't read just one! These are so addicting and wonderful to read, you have to know how they all turn out. Each author was presented with the same premise, but their story creativity was left up to their own area of literature expertise. Being a huge fan of anything Travis Trasher writes, I had to scoop this one up. I was not disappointed in any way, and this was the second book I read in this collection, but definitely NOT my last. I easily rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend this to fans of such stories of The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery, because that is what these remind me of. For now, I am off to read the next one!

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