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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coming Home

In my personal opinion, if a book can make me feel emotion so deeply that I feel a part of the story, it's a winner! This one, moved me to tears many, many times and shows just how we go about dealing with loss as a Christian in a world where all we want is answers to the question why.

In Karen Kingsbury's latest novel, Coming Home, the reader is immediately invited to join the Baxter family as Ashley, one of the daughters, begins to make plans for her father's seventieth birthday party. Like most family's that are grown and beginning families of their own, it is hard to coordinate a surprise for her dad, John with all his kids present but that is exactly what Ashley has planned. They all want to surprise their dad and be present to show him just how much they all love and care about him, even though they all lost their mom to cancer a few years ago. John has since remarried and doesn't expect anything more than an invitation to attend a bar-b-que with Ashley and her family.

Not expecting all her brothers and sisters and their families to be able to be there, Ashley's husband, Landon suggests that each of them should write a letter to their dad explaining what he means to each of them. They could read the letters out loud at the birthday celebration and each of them share how much their father's life has impacted them. They all agree to do this and set to work on their own personal letters.

Much to Ashley's surprise, all of her brothers, sisters and their families make plans to be there moments before her father and his wife show up, and all agree to do their best to keep it a secret. They all are touched that the man who has impacted their personal lives will receive the ultimate surprise that day, unfortunately it will not be the surprise any of them ever expected. You'll have to read this one to know the outcome of the story and see just how their own personal faith will be tested.

I received Coming Home by Karen Kingsbury compliments of Zondervan Publishers and NetGalley for my honest review. This is my second time experiencing a Karen Kingsbury first and if you never have, you have to try one. It is truly a life changing experience. There is a safe harbor to be sitting in while watching a family go through one of the most challenging and difficult times for anyone but being a family of believers in Christ, makes this one truly unique to watch and feel. This is a true testament to the faith of a believer in Christ and what lies behind this life when we breathe our last. I think Karen did an exceptional job at bringing the Baxter family series to a beautiful conclusion. Even though I haven't read any books in the series, I immediately felt like I already belonged to this wonderful family. You can pick this one up and begin the experience all over again, it's such a perfect stand alone story!

This book rates for me, a 5 out of 5 stars. Not only did it increase my own personal faith through this book, but it strengthen me, to understand how it all plays out so eloquently together, with hope, unconditional love, and an eternal future promised to all who believe in Jesus Christ. That this life will not end when we leave this world.

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