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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Firefly Island

"Mallory, a smart woman doesn't settle for a man, just to have a man. That's like buying shoes just because they're cheap. If they don't fit, what good are they? 

You wait for fireworks!" 

Great advice from Mallory Hale's grandmother and one she finds she must follow through with despite all her unsuccessful romances with men up to this point. But when a chance encounter with a handsome, green-eyed man keeps coming back to her wishing she would have made a point to talk to him and get his number, she wonders if she'll ever see him again.

Her best friend Kaylyn believes in fate and in way too many romance stories she reads all the time, and bets Mallory that she will not only meet this mystery man again but that he asks her out before the month is over. All that is on the line is a year's supply of romance novels for Kaylyn. Mallory feels it's a sure bet. Yet not only does she meet Daniel Webster Everson again, but he does ask her out. More than just once. In fact within a month they are dating exclusively and she finds herself falling in love with him but his 3-year-old son, Nick as well.

Just when the happily ever after is about to commence, Daniel receives a phone call that will literally change their entire lives. A job offer. In Texas. They both live in Washington D.C. Soon that fairy tale romance is about to fade into history when Daniel asks her to come with them. To marry him. His new job is working for a man named Jack West, the owner of tiny, but well funded, West Research. He felt that Daniel's work with genetically modified grains would fit nicely into West's master plan to develop super crops and super growth environments designed to produce food in the increasingly harsh conditions of a world plagued with erratic weather.

But when the family arrives, they soon find out that there is more to this offer than they thought. First the house that is included in the deal is less than liveable, unless you find sharing the home with scorpions, mice and a handful of other insects and the elusive Jack West warns them that they are not allowed on Firefly Island or in Jack's little house that remains locked up. Mallory has been given a handful of information from one of her brother in laws who's a reporter that Jack West was married and had a son. But both of them disappeared and no one knows what happened.

Pretty soon Mallory gets a feeling that there is more going on in the small town of Moses Lake than what she's been lead to believe. No one the town's residents will take about Jack West. When her trailer gets a flat after going in to town to gather groceries, and she's given a ride home, even the driver won't enter the property and just leaves Mallory's groceries and supplies next to the fence outside of her property. Just what is really going on with Jack West? Why all the secrecy about Firefly Island? What is with the floating lights she sees at night on the island? Is Jack West a murderer who has managed to evade the police after all these years? You'll need to pick up novel to find out!

I received Firefly Island by Lisa Wingate compliments of Bethany House Publishers and Litfuse Publicity for my honest review. Having read the other two books in the Moses Lake Series, Larkspur Cove and Blue Moon Bay, I knew I would once again love reading this one. First of all Lisa Wingate's writing style is so poetic at times, you can completely imagine you are at Moses Lake. The sights, sounds and people are so creatively written that you almost feel like they are being created right before your very eyes.

"I imagine that I am at home, not here in DC. I hear the waters of Moses Lake lapping at the shore, feel the rhythm of it beneath my feet. My eyes fall closed, and I drink in the water-scented Texas air, the oleander blooming, the sound of small feet tramping up the hallway, a favorite blanket dragging behind. The honey-sweet tastes of a summer morning."

From the very first page, I was captivated and the deeper you get into the relationship between Mallory and Daniel along with their son Nick, the more you become part of their lives. Lisa does an exceptional job at keeping just enough about Jack West hidden that you find yourself reading faster because you simply have to know what's going on, like a nosy neighbor who believes something is really up! While I won't spoil the novel, trust me, it's a great book to pick up for a summer day. But be warned, you won't be able to put it down! I rate this one a perfect 5 out of 5 stars and this can be read as a stand alone!

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