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Thursday, March 14, 2013

No Way Back

Imagine going about your day like every other day. Getting up, getting ready for work and expecting to come home to your husband and end your day just like every other one. Only today's going to be different. All those normal days of the same old boring routine will be something you wish you could get back. You'd never complain again. Today will be the day you wished you never got out of bed. The day where all those what if's questions that play in your mind would simply go away. Today is the day where you will spend every single minute trying to stay one step ahead of people who want you dead and there is No Way Back to the life you had before.

In the novel, No Way Back by best selling author Andrew Gross, Wendy Gould, an attractive wife and step mother to David's children from a previous message is sitting in a bar waiting for her friend Pam to show up. It seems that talking things over with your best friend is better than attempting to go home and have yet another argument with your husband. Even if she were to head home, David has late night business meetings in hopes of securing another contract that will add even more money to their already lavish and comfortable lifestyle.

The one thing Wendy doesn't count on is that an attractive man in the bar approaches her during one of her most vulnerable times in her marriage. She loves the attention he provides and when her friend Pam calls to tell her she can't meet her, Wendy makes the mistake of leaving the bar with the man knowing the choice she makes tonight will alter her life forever. When she arrives in his apartment, she suddenly comes to grip with her moral conviction and kindly tells Curtis that she needs to go home before things go any further than simply being in his apartment.

While she freshens up in his bathroom, she overhears voices in the other room and slowly picks out the door expecting to find Curtis on the phone. What she sees is another man sitting across from Curtis telling him to pick up the gun he has placed before him. When Curtis refuses, the man shots him anyway. Wendy knows that she is likely to be next since the man who shot Curtis has obviously heard the water running in the bathroom and knows she is likely to be shot next.

She sees the gun that Curtis refused to pick up lying just within her reach outside the bathroom door and while the other man is distracted she rushes out and picks it up. She informs the man she is an ex-cop and to put his hands up. However, when he draws his weapon on her, she has no other choice but to shoot him. What has just happened? She can't go home? How will she be able to tell David what happened even though nothing happened with Curtis? When she reaches into the pocket of the shooters jacket, she finds an ID that tells her that just has just killed an agent with the Department of Homeland Security which mean that even know she can't even go to the police. What will she do? What would you do?

I received No Way Back by Andrew Gross compliments of William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins Publishers for my honest review. This one is action packed on every single page. It is a nail biter and a jaw clincher to be certain and I quite literally inhaled this one in a matter of hours. There are some uses of profanity and vulgarity but overall the story is amazing. For those of you that love a bit of adrenaline to go along with your murder mystery, then this one will be one you'll want to pick up. I would rate this one a 4 out of 5 simply based on my review scale and have enjoyed the previous Andrew Gross novels I have had the opportunity to review in the past, Eyes Wide Open and 15 Seconds.

For more information about No Way Back, Andrew Gross or where to preorder a copy of this book that is due out in early April of this year, please click on the links below:

You can also find Andrew Gross on Facebook to stay up to date with all his latest novels.

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