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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Survivor

Is it her next best seller....or her last words?

Sometimes for a writer, the most difficult task if often coming up with the idea for your next book. Kariss Walker now has to chose which one of her true life tales she will breath life into. When she receives an email from Dr. Amy Garrett who wishes to bring her own tale to light, Kariss is more than intrigued. When she agrees to meet with Amy, she finds that Amy was brutally attacked as a child and the criminal was never caught. She wants Kariss to use her story in her next book in the hopes it may help other women see themselves through the eyes of her fictional character. She doesn't want her name mentioned in the book for obvious reasons and doesn't want any monetary compensation for her efforts either. Kariss believes that there may be more behind her story that just what she is willing to tell. Unfortunately she can't use her reliable source in the Houston police department Tigo Harris, due to a split in their relationship. Now all she can do it hope that she will find the true to the story without putting her own life in danger.

Special Agent Tigo Harris is trying hard to stay focused on his work, but he can't seem to keep Kariss off of his mind. He pours himself further into his work trying to solve a car bombing that has taken the life of the wife and daughter of Jonathan Yeat, a man with a ministry that puts ex-cons to work. As of lately he has had to lay off many of those employees and a few have made personal threats. Tigo believes this is an open and shut case with the killer simply being a distraught employee whose taking it out on a wealthy man and his family. But is this case really as simple as it seems or is there a connection with the latest book Kariss is working on?

In the latest suspense novel, The Survivor by DiAnn Mills, once again the opportunity to work together in unexpected ways to help solve a cold case brings Kariss and Tigo together. While each of them are dealing with their own issues even though they try to keep their relationship in the past, those old feelings are resurfacing once again. Kariss is trying to keep her faith strong in light of wishing things were different between her and Tigo. They both use their work to keep their minds focused some place else, but ultimately it will take act of God to bring them back together.

I received The Survivor by DiAnn Mills compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and Zondervan Publishing for my honest review. This is the second book in the Crime Scene Houston Series, the first being the Chase which I had previously reviewed. While the characters remained the same, I felt it lacked the chemistry and spark that the first novel had. Each chapter toggles back and forth between the two until they finally merge later in the book. I am sure that after watching the Hunger Games this year, I am not the only reader to confuse the names of Kariss with Katniss either. The suspense is engaging and for those of you that love solving crimes, this will be one you will enjoy. You can read this as a stand alone as DiAnn gives the reader a bit of inside information in this one to help you understand the motivation of the main characters. There is also a discussion guide included at the end that is wonderful for book clubs. I would rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars.

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