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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Love in the Balance

There is something to be said for romance back in the days of cowboys, western towns in the middle of nowhere and swooning women. Where reading about their lives gives you a breath of fresh air and you hear yourself sighing when their eyes meet from across the room and sparks fly whenever they are close to one another, even if they never touch.

Well have I got a great one to review and share with you. Love in the Balance by Regina Jennings takes us back to the town of Prairie Lea, Texas in 1879. We are introduced to the character of Molly Lovelace who has been raised by her family to marry into an appropriate well to do family that would benefit a women of her social graces and have a place in the community. Only that's not quite the way Molly feels. Sure she goes about doing all the right things and attends the right schools but only to make her parents happy and to ensure that their comments to her are few and far in between. Her father, Thomas Lovelace is the owner of the town's sawmill and he's hoping for Molly to marry into money that might benefit the business more than it will benefit Molly's heart.

No matter how much she tries to tell her parents she wants to marry for love and not money, they insist on setting her up with whatever prospects might bring about the results her father wants for his future and ultimately Molly's future as well. In fact, they can both be downright pushy.

But Molly's heart has belonged to Bailey Garner, who she has grown up with most of her life and hopes he can find a way to make a living so he'll finally propose. But Molly's parents don't think that Bailey is the right man for her. He can't hold down a job long enough to make a name for himself and his family doesn't come from money either. In fact even Bailey's parents look down upon Molly thinking she'll never be worthy enough to capture Bailey's heart. Molly insists on keeping up appearances, looking like the latest cover model from the catalogs she shops from and believes at some point Bailey might come to his senses and find a job that will earn enough money to keep her family happy.

Unfortunately that isn't the case as Bailey bounces from one job to the next in the neighboring town of Lockhart. He's worked as a blacksmith apprentice but can't handle working around the fumes, attempted to gain a job as the local courthouse as a baliff, but someone else beat him to it, and so the story goes. Bailey believes this is God's way of telling him that now is not the time to propose to Molly. However, Molly believes that if Bailey really loved her, he would get serious with a job, stick with it and ask her to marry him.

But things about to get interesting when a suave and good-looking man, Edward Pierrepont comes to town with all the right makings for a husband that may satisfy both her parents and perhaps her need to see the world. Oh how is a woman to choose?

You'll have to pick up a copy of Love in the Balance by Regina Jennings to find out. I received this novel compliments of Litfuse Publicity and Bethany House Publishers for my honest review and in no way did I receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review. I love romance because I think women have always wanted to be pursued and rescued by some handsome man and whisked away to a life of happily ever after. In this case, it's a version of a wonderful western struggle where poor Molly has a difficult dilemma to face. Who to marry? The man who makes her heart race whenever they look into one another's eyes or will it be the man who can literally solve all her problems with one proposal? I for one, was rooting for her to chose Edward Pierrepont from the first time we meet him. Did I make the right choice? Was it the same Molly picked as well? I mean, who wants to wait for a man to finally get his act together if he really loves her as much as he says he does. Why doesn't he make more of an effort? The answers lie within these wonderful pages. I enjoyed the whimsical adventure from the very first page and can't wait to see if Regina Jennings will add novels to this one. One can hope can't they? This is the second book in the Ladies of Caldwell County Series.  If you have read Sixty Acres and A Bride, the first book in this series, then Molly will be familiar to you.  I rate this one a hands down winner with 5 out of 5 stars!

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