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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Threads of Hope

Who hasn't felt the sting of being passed up for a promotion by someone who has worked for the company less than you have? But what's even worse is having the man you were dating dump you and go out with the person who just got "your" promotion as well!

Meet Nina O'Malley, journalist for Trends magazine who has once again had to paste on the gracious smile of sincerity when dealing with Janie Bettencourt, who just score the Senior Editor position and is now moving from Houston to New York for the job. The job that should have been hers. Her boss, reminded her that she needed to get out of her comfort zone more and network. To add some passion and style to her writing despite the fact all she got handed were smaller stories from her editor.

It seems like Nina just needs to realize that she is the only one holding her back and begin to take the initiative to change the things in her life that she wishes were different. Right now the only thing that waits for her at home is her dog, Manny and her roommate Aretha. Even her only friend in the office Daisy Jeffers seems to be making a move out of the office. Nina finds a note from her to Janie asking her if there are any positions available in New York. Seems like the only people that aren't leaving Nina are the ones that have no other place to go.

In the novel, Threads of Hope by Christa Allan, from the Quilts of Love series, takes the reader in the life of Nina O'Malley that has a permanent seat in the "pity party for one." Unless she can break out of her rut, she will stay in the same job, doing the same thing while everyone else around her moves on and moves ahead. Even her love life is suffering, so what's a woman to do? That is just the premise behind this latest novel. It seems that even growing up, Nina was only part of the popular girls click because she was able to help them with their homework. When she refused to do the work for them, she soon found out who her real friends were after all. Nina's about to find out that she needs to be more upfront with what she wants and follow it up with action.

I received Threads of Hope by Christa Allan compliments of Abingdon Press Publishers and Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and received no monetary compensation for a favorable one. I could see so much of myself in Nina's character and even found our childhood situations very much alike. It often takes a good hard knock in your life to make you take the initiative and break out of your situation. The fact that Nina settles for so many things makes you look at her life and see the easy way out. She settles instead of simply trying harder and even standing up for herself because she fears what others may say. She avoids confrontation at all costs and looks for excuses to get out of things that may have a risk involved such as dinner with her family every Sunday. She wishes deep down inside to say the things she wants but instead just offers the customary, "I'll be there." This is an interesting look at how Nina breaks out and what is the catalyst for her doing so. I can't spoil it for you, but if you can relate to this situation you'll definitely want to pick this one up. I rate it a 4 out of 5 stars.

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