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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Memory of Murder

The one thing that Deputy Jeff Gage didn't want to happen, has happened. He has failed at what he was hired to do and now must face the consequences of his actions. While assigned to escort Lindsey Presley, a restaurant owner on her night deposits to the bank, he is brutally attacked and Lindsey is kidnapped. When he regains consciousness, he hears someone standing over him handcuffing him with his own handcuffs and telling him that Lindsey will be dead before he can get to his feet. He reminds Jeff that Sheriff Taylor will fire him by the time they get through with him. They will be watching and waiting for the next chance to make him fail. Those are the last words he hears before he feels electricity shooting through his body once again.

Had it not been for Lindsey's quick reaction, she knows without a doubt she would be dead. The one thing she understood about being kidnapped is that if she didn't act, when she arrived at the destination he had planned on taking her to, she would be dead anyway. Even as great as the risk was that she might end up dead anyway, she waited for just the right moment and kicked the driver in the head with the force of both of her feet resulting in the car she was traveling in, to crash into the guardrail. The last thing she remembers before losing consciousness is a man telling her that they were not finished with her and they are around ever corner.

Now she and Jeff must work together to piece together the clues to figure out just who wants Lindsey dead and for what reason. She can't think of any reason why someone would want to kill her. She is just attempting to start over by opening her own restaurant and wants to make sure the last thing she gets involved with is a man who wants a relationship with her. Nope she has thick walls in place to ensure that doesn't happen. Yet Jeff Gage can't help himself but fall in love with Lindsey as he has gotten to know her over these last few months. If only he can convince her that is feelings are true and that love isn't such a bad thing. If only he can find a way to break down the walls before they both wind up dead.

In the novel, Memory of Murder by author Ramona Richards the pulse pounding suspense hits you full force within the first chapter. You can barely take a breath while watching this all unfold before your very eyes. It is that type of adrenaline that keeps you flipping pages as fast as possible to help figure out what is going on, who is trying to kill Lindsey and if they will fall in love with one another before either of them winds up dead. At little over 200 pages long, this is the perfect Christian Suspense novel to read just about anywhere you have time for a thrill ride. I finished mine just after dinner and absolutely LOVED this one. Harlequin's Love Inspired Suspense series, is for those fans of Harlequin romance but looking for a clean version with an impactful message of hope and love for Christian readers. If you are a die hard romance fan looking for a great novel without all the added details of romance but with the thrill of suspense added in, pick up Memory of Murder by Ramona Richards today.

I received Memory of Murder by Ramona Richards compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense for my honest review and have to say this one hold its own at a 5 out of 5 stars!!! I want to personally thank Ramona Richards for signing my book as well. That always makes it special to open the cover and find that as a special surprise!!! For more information about Memory of Murder, Ramona Richards, or where you can pick up this book, please click on the links below:

You can also find Ramona Richards on Facebook to stay up to date with all her latest novels.

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