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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Romancing Melody - A Crossing Journey

Melody Podell is about to undergo the biggest test of her faith. Delivering her son, Cole at 35 weeks left him with under developed lungs and had to spend extra time in the hospital until he could breathe on his own. Now that Melody has moved in to the Army Housing at Fort Bragg, North Carolina to be close to her husband David who has left for a four month deployment. Her family lives in California and she feels odd making friends with the other Army wives. She feels she can only call them if there is something major going on in her life and needs help.

When she picks Cole up from daycare, now four months old, she notices that he seems to be catching a slight cold. Since this is her first child, she feels foolish about calling a doctor and doesn't want to be one of those mothers that call their doctor for every little thing. When she runs into Sara, a NICU nurse that helped her with Cole before at church, she feels more comfortable asking Sara's opinion of Cole's cold. She assures Melody that since her well baby check up a few days ago was fine and the doctor didn't seem concerned, as long as he doesn't run a fever or loss his appetite, she should watch him for a couple of days. Babies who are teething can share the same symptoms. Feeling assured, Melody monitors him for a couple of days but Cole doesn't want to eat, seems unusually cranky and is running a mild fever.

When she feels she warrants a doctor visit, she is told that all appears normal except for an ear infection but  the doctor's office will take a sample of his fluids from his nose and call her in a couple of days with the results just to be on the safe side. They prescribe antibiotics for Cole and Melody feels more relieved. It's not until the doctor's office calls her back within 24 hours and asks if Melody can get Cole to the Emergency Room as soon as possible, that her entire world will change and the friends she left behind in Crossing, Oregon will soon show her exactly what God can do. Now if only she can get a hold of David in time!

In the novel, Romancing Melody by Carrie Daws, Melody is about to find out just how much a person can take before they will give up their faith in God and what it will take to bring it back. This is a wonderful novel that is packed with a lot in only 150 pages. This is the third book in A Crossing Journey series. Even though it is part of a series, you can still read this one as a stand alone but will want to go back and read about the friends in Crossing, Oregon in the other novels. I received Romancing Melody by Carrie Daws compliments of Emeraldhouse Media and Ambassador International Publishers for my honest review and received no monetary compensation for a favorable review. This novel deals with a sensitive subject of loss in a powerful way and shows how God can romance you back to Him in profound ways. I rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars.

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