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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Miracle on Snowbird Lake

This is not the book for everyone, especially those that have a hard time reading about child abductions. However in Miracle on Snowbird Lake by Stan Bednarz, the reader gets an inside look at what the family of the victim has to deal with in not knowing if their child is alive or dead, and those intense feelings of revenge that surface whenever a suspect is found.

Reverend Robert Davis is struggling with many different emotions since the disappearance of his eleven-year-old daughter Annie rode off on her bike one summer day and was never heard from again. Despite all the search efforts of the town and local authorities, no trace of Annie other than her abandoned bicycle were ever found. It has made the small town of Dutch Hollow especially diligent of watching over their own children more closely to ensure the same never happens to them.

For Robert and his wife, Mary they do what most surviving families do in cases like these, each chooses to deal with the tragedy in their own way. Mary dissolves into a state of deep depression while she blames Robert for Annie's disappearance. Robert tries to find solace in his job at the church, but even God appears silent on this issue and he contemplates suicide many times but never follows through. When an apparent psychic shows up with information about Annie, Robert isn't sure if this is simply another attempt for dealing with emotions from the past again or finding hope that Annie is still alive. In either case, he has to meet with Donna Brushton to find out if there is any hope at finding Annie alive after all this time.

I received Miracle on Snowbird Lake compliments of Bring It On Communications and Carmichael Publishing for my honest review. Dealing with crimes against innocent children makes any fiction or non fictional book hard to read, but within this one I found hope again. That despite whatever outcome, God can still bring about some good from whatever happens in time. This is the story of such a case. I would rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars and have not received any monetary compensation for a favorable review.

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