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Friday, May 18, 2012

Hurry Less, Worry Less for Moms

When a book includes statements like these below, it's enough to spark more than just a mild interest in picking it up and consuming the insightful words it contains.

"You, moms, juggle and struggle and look for ways to get more done in less time. You are loving and creative, short on sleep, and long on laundry. Your to-do list could strike fear in the heart of the busiest CEO. You may be eager to enjoy each day more but sometimes don't quite know where to begin.

You know how it can feel. Every time you turn around, someone wants or needs something from you. That doesn't leave much time for stepping back to assess how things are going - and even less for renewal and relaxation. You probably want to learn to say no more often and simplify your calendar. You want to live by your priorities, spend fun time with your families, and have time hear and there for yourself. " (pg 12).

Sound like a book that just begs for some time to read and gleam some much needed insight into your life? Then this is the perfect book for you. Hurry Less, Worry Less by Judy Christie is written for moms who are so busy, we are simply trying to find a way to insert more time in our day instead of merely looking at what we have been called to do. When did it get so out of hand anyway?

Moms have it difficult even though we are the same in many ways, we are also different. There are moms in all different walks of life from raising babies for the first time to empty nesters, there are those putting their children into preschool and those that are seeing theirs graduate from college and start families of their own. Then there are moms who work outside the home from simple jobs to complex corporate positions, from moms who are single and parenting mostly on their own, to moms who's husbands are deployed overseas or who work out of town and must make ends meet.

Add to that mix blended families, step-parenting, adoption, foster parenting and you can see just how busy and important the job of a mother really is. So how do we find balance to our lives? How can we be a successful mom and still have time for ourselves as women? Most moms don't need to be taught this tips on what they need to do, they simply need to be reminded. Often times they're so overwhelmed they can't find time to do it. A reminder can help slow mom down and allow time to take inventory of the parenting life.

In this novel, you will find the thoughts of everyday moms are woven through the pages. Their warm, wise, and witty remarks speak of challenges that range from caring for a sick baby to looking out for an older parent, making hard decisions about where to work and when to work, about setting priorities and sticking to them, about trusting God all along the way.

This book includes practical tools, which serve as reminders that there are no cookie-cutter families. Individual moms have to figure out what works for them. Each chapter offers a "A Mom's Thoughts," practical and inspiring words, and "Mom's Quiet Corner," a section for prayer and reflection, including a tip from a busy mother, a Bible passage recommended by a mom, a mom-to-mom suggestion, and a prayer for the journey as a parent. There is also a study guide to be used on your own or with a friend or a group and "reminder" tips to continue to make progress.

I received Hurry Less, Worry Less for Moms compliments of Pump Up Your Book Tours for my honest review and it's so nice to read a book like this as a reminder, I am not losing it. I am completely normal in my life as a mom. I think we all need more books like this as well as encouraging friends to inspire and encourage us along our journey. Most of all it's necessary to evaluate what we are working so hard for, to benefit our children, our friends and family or God. This is an exceptional resource and I see it working well in some mom Bible Study's as a tool to encourage and build up moms! I rate this one a 5 out of 5 much needed stars in my opinion and will be referring to this one as often as needed.

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