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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Next Target

Austia Donatelli has a mission in life. That mission is to keep her husband's ministry alive now that he is no longer alive even if it means taking a risk at losing her own life in the process. She works at a Career Center. Besides dealing with the usual demands of running her employment agency, she is now interviewing a number of Arabic-speaking men to act as interpreters for the job applicants. It would be challenging, as it always was.

She was a single Christian woman living in a Muslim neighborhood on the south side of Los Angeles, running a business that required her to deal almost exclusively with men whose culture frowned upon men and women mixing in public. A job that flew in the face of the Islamic traditions that taught men a woman's place was in the home tending to the family's needs. However when she learns that a close friend of hers and also a student was murdered, Austia realizes that the risks she has been taking may lead them to find her.

When a young man who reminds her of her late husband David, applies for the job as interpreter, it seems like he is too good to be true. All his references check out flawlessly and he seems to have an answer for every question she poses to him. It isn't until she offers him the job, that she realizes she may in fact have hired the enemy to work for her and the people she's been trying to help may in fact just lead these killers directly to them and become the next target!

In this chilling new Christian novel by Nikki Arana, The Next Target brings the readers face to face with just how difficult it is for Muslims to convert to Christianity and just what risks they are taking on their own lives and the lives of those that help them learn about Christ. That according to the Qur'an, it teaches that it's all right to lie if it furthers Islam and that you don't have to keep any agreements made with Infidels. It urges Muslims to do whatever possible to inflict terror and destroy the enemy for the cause of Allah and Islam. Extremists use this to justify any immoral act, from lying to the killing of innocents.

I found the most interesting part of this novel related to why Muslims don't speak out against the acts of radicals and extremists of Islam, if this type of behavior is so wrong. It's simply this, you aren't hearing from them because they are afraid too. Moderate Muslims everywhere are suffering the consequences of the actions of their radical brothers. What an eye-opener that one simple sentence made in my own heart.

In this fiction novel, the actions of one woman, Austia will be put to the ultimate test of her own personal faith in Christ when these men will stop at nothing to make sure she is silenced for leading their people astray in their opinion. Will she be able to stand firm in her faith or will she ultimately become their next target?

I received The Next Target by Nikki Arana compliments of David C. Cook Publishers for my honest review and have to say I really enjoyed this action packed novel. It literally has to wondering just what could possibly happen next and who the next victim will be. When Austia hires a man she had hoped she could trust, he turns out to be the enemy in disguise and no matter what she tries to do to get rid of him, he has an excuse for everything. I rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars and would really appeal to people who loved that action-packed suspense novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat til the end.

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