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Friday, May 4, 2012

In The Bag

Based on a true life circumstance that provided her with the incentive to write this amazing novel, Kate Klise takes readers from two different generations along on a world wind trip to Paris and Madrid in In The Bag.

As two unlikely passengers boarding a flight to Paris, Daisy Sprinkle, sitting in first class and having a complimentary glass of wine, encounters through a bump of fate, Andrew Nelson. He is the one who accidentally bumps her and causes her to spill her wine on her blouse while making his way to his assigned seat. As a stewardess sweeps in to take care of the crisis, he is reprimanded to find his seat now. Feeling less than a man, he hand writes a personal note of apology offering to replace the blouse, or have it cleaned. But much more than that, he would love to take her to dinner once they return from Paris if that's at all possible. He ends the note with his email address. While they are waiting for their baggage in Paris, he slips the note into her carry on and hopes that she will respond.

Meanwhile, Coco, her daughter finds that she has retrieved the wrong duffel bag when they arrive at their apartment in Paris filled with a man's rumpled jeans, shirts and a well worn copy of Walden by Henry David Thoreau. What she soon realizes that someone else has her duffel bag filled with not only her clothes but also her worst underwear in it. Her mom advised her to pack her worst and they would buy new lingerie when they got to Paris and could throw the old stuff away.

Webb realizes that he has the wrong duffel bag when he opens his to find nicely organized and packed women's clothes and bras and underwear that certainly don't belong to him. When he locates a luggage tag with an email address attached, he finds an internet cafe in Madrid and sets off to locate the person who's bag he has. Lucky for him, she responds quickly enough via email and they soon set off on a series of unexpected, cute and witty email messages while their parents attend to their jobs. What they both soon realize is that they have a lot in common and agree to meet somehow and exchange bags if only they can escape their parents.

I received In The Bag by Kate Klise compliments of William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins Publishers for my honest review and LOVED it! It's like You Got Mail while traveling! This is such a cute love story that deal with two couples, Andrew and Daisy, and Coco and Webb, who soon realize that their ideas of romance and falling in love are much different that what they could ever hope to imagine. For Coco and Webb, they are part of the younger generation who text and email, while Andrew and Daisy come from a pre-digital generation of letter writers and simpler times. You can't help but smile after reading this novel told from four different points of view through the week they are traveling! A definite must read for the summer and one I highly recommend! This one is a 5 out of 5 stars!!

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