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Monday, May 14, 2012

My Stubborn Heart

Once upon a time, Kate Donovan prayed to God. She prayed that same prayer since the fourth grade. She prayed for her future husband. She prayed for his health, his happiness, his protection, and-okay-sometimes for his good looks. She'd prayed that she would meet him when she was meant to.

Except that in thirty one years she hadn't.

She'd been avidly expecting and watching for him all this time from the fourth grade straight up til now and though she tried hard to be positive, the truth was that she'd grown tired of waiting. Tired of dating. Tired of breaking off just two bananas from the bunch at the grocery story. Tired of singles group at church. Tired of living alone.

Worse, she was beginning to doubt that her nameless, faceless husband existed at all. Maybe, late at night in her kid bed, her college bed, her adult single woman bed, she'd been praying for someone who wasn't coming. Ever.

Once upon a time, there was a mother who'd been praying double hard for her son ever since he'd stopped praying for himself. Her son had been extraordinary - a perfect, miraculous blend of athletic ability and focused determination as he climbed his way up every level of the sport of hockey. By the age of 18, he was now playing professionally. He married a beautiful girl in a grand wedding ceremony, complete with house surrounded by a wall of security. Her son had accomplished it all. And then it had all come apart, crashing and rolling out of reach like a handful of spilled marbles. His wife had been diagnosed with cancer and nothing - not money, not the best doctors - had been able to save her. When she died, he'd walked away from his sport, from the big house with the wall and from the fame.

In the years since, he'd retreated himself into a place where none of his family or friends could reach him. So his mother prayed. She prayed that God would not forget him, this son of hers, who'd gained and lost the world in just a third of his lifetime. She prayed that God would send someone who could find him and save him from his prison of grief. And she prayed that maybe, somehow, in time, his heart would soften and he'd find love again.

Funny thing about prayers. God hears them. But you just never know if, when, or how He's going to answer them. (except pg 7-9).

In the wonderful novel My Stubborn Heart by Becky Wade, we encounter the prayers of two profound women both praying for the same person, Matt Jarreau. When Kate decides to take God up on His offer to help her grandmother renovate her home in Redbud, Pennsylvania, little does she know how God will answer her childhood prayer. What ultimately transpires between the two over this novel is nothing short of an exceptionally well-written romance classic. You can't help but fall in love with their story and how masterfully each is taken by the hand of God and walked through their darkest valleys.

I received this novel compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and LOVED IT! I know for sure, I will be keeping this as part of my permanent library on one of the best love stories of all times. This is Becky Wade's debut novel but now, will be one of the authors on my watch list. Her writing is exemplary and the ache you feel when Kate and Matt met is genuine and lasting. You are rooting for them every step of the way and that is just the perfect blend of intensity and romance you are looking for in a book like this one. I rate this one a perfect 5 out of 5 stars and can't wait to find more from Becky in the near future. This is a Must Read for your summer love stories!

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My Stubborn Heart by Becky Wade

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