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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Welcome to Beckon. You're not here by chance.

Just what would you give to live forever? Money? Security? Your loved ones?

In the town of Beckon, no one ever leaves of their own free will. There is a dark, sinister secret hidden in the mountains and caves. One that has existed since the beginning of time. One that seeks to devour any that wind up in the belly of the mountain.

Ancient legends called them Shadow People, other people call them murderers and killers and still others worship them and what they can provide.

In the latest supernatural Christian suspense thriller, Beckon takes the reader into a four part journey in this novel by Tom Pawlik through the eyes of three characters, Jack, Elina, and George who happen upon the town of Beckon for very different reasons but each will meet at a unique crossroads.

Jack is going in search of his father, an anthropologist named David who went missing and has never come home. While searching through his father's desk, Jack locates a brown envelope that may provide the clues no one has been able to uncover in the hills of Wyoming. He takes along an Indian guide and US Army Ranger, Ben Graywolf along with his best friend Rudy to search for the missing ancient civilization of the Caieche Indians. He receives a warning from an old man named Running Bear that they seek to tell them about the Caieche Indians and the Shadow People, that "If you go...death will find you there." Death does in fact find them there in the darkness.

Elina Gutierrez is an LA County police officer who is on leave and searching for her cousin Javier, who has disappeared. A mysterious white van roaming the neighborhoods and streets in Las Vegas promising jobs to the illegals that gather on the street corners in search of work and money. Only when Javier didn't return, Elina believes that there is something going on with this roaming van. When she follows it one day, it takes her into the hills of Wyoming and what she finds there in the dark woods will call upon more than just her police training if she expects to survive.

George Wilcox is about to lose his best friend and wife to Alzheimer's. There still remains no cure and George struggles to find a way to reunite his wife to her former life. When an offer from Thomas Vale arrives promising him the ultimate cure, he immediately wastes no time in driving them both to Beckon, Wyoming. What he learns is that this miracle drug does more than just heal whatever ails you, and the price is worth almost anything George has to offer.

I received Beckon by Tom Pawlik compliments of Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Tours for my honest review. There is something to be said for things that go bump and click in the dark. I didn't see this one coming but it truly is a must read for anyone that LOVES a great suspense thriller with a Sci-Fi twist to it. I love how the author wove these three different but intricate story lines together to keep the plot moving along and to see where it culminates is worth reading every single page. This book alone will make me second guess ever going into a dark cave again. Well written, the characters are believable and have you rooting for them in the end. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars. I personally feel his books rate right up there with Travis Thrasher and Mike Dellosso and can't wait to read more!

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  1. I liked the book a lot. I thought it was a great sci-fi adventure story and was not creeped out by the spidery things.

    Nice to read your take on it.

  2. Good comparisons to Thrasher and Dellosso. Yes, definitely a book that fans of those two authors would like. Nice summary of the story, Ryan.



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