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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Tehran Triangle

Ripped from some of our current headlines, The Tehran Triangle by Tom Reed and Sandy Baker give us a "What if" scenario in this action packed adventure novel.

Tom Reed is a former Secretary of the Air Force, having served in that capacity during the Ford and Carter administrations. In the mid-seventies Reed was the youngest-ever Director of the National Reconnaissance Office, an organization whose very existence was held to be secret until the end of the Cold War. During the eighties, Reed was a Special Assistant to President Reagan for National Security Policy. His technical background include nuclear weapon design at Livermore and low-temperature physics.

So as you can see Tom Reed is writing from what he knows and he blends that into this fictional novel based on what has happened in the past and what may in fact happen in the near future with regards to Iran's nuclear situation.

Elizabeth Mallory is the main character who is working for various organizations within the United States and abroad to foil any attempts and to locate intelligence regarding what the plans on for Major Ashkan Gharabaghi, who is in the Islamic Republic of Iran. She has already foiled his first attempt at securing high grade bomb making material in Kazakhstan and now the two are at odds to see each other killed. Elizabeth's goal is to ensure that America remains safe from any threat from terrorists and Gharabaghi is trying to make sure that dream doesn't happen.

Along the way through the novel the reader is taken back from 1999 to a future period in 2012, which outlines using historical facts to move the story along from the 9/11 attacks to bombings around the world and America's involvement in each incident. It does show how the enemies of America are not done planning their attack against us in an effort to keep Iran as a new nuclear Super Power and in control of the Middle East.

A chilling observation into the possibilities of what could happen is what makes this an enjoyable read for those who love military suspense thrillers. I received The Tehran Triangle compliments of Media Connect for my honest review and think this one rates a 4 out of 5 stars. I think the story could have moved along at a quicker pace without going back into the nuclear history so far but overall it was an enjoyable novel to read.

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