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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Right Guard - Review and Giveaway

"Rip-offs From U.S. Arms Stockpiles: Will It Be An A-Bomb Next? - ... American military bases are being plundered of thousands of weapons and explosives, despite increasingly tough security measures. Losses from U.S. base worldwide include rifles, pistols, grenade launchers, and even surface-to-air missiles and antitank rockets...All told, more than 11,000 military weapons have been reported officially as stolen in the last six years. Thousands more have simply vanished, but theft cannot be proved. Conventional ammunition may be disappearing faster yet - at the rate of 1 million or more rounds a year. Defense security officials say they have no reliable estimate because of a lack of precise record keeping...The Defense Department has 6.2 million small arms spread around the world today, ranging from .22-caliber pistols to 81-mm mortars. The Army alone has more than 19.000 separate stockpiles of guns and ammunition...Congressman Herbert(Louisana) recently asked, "What can we think when the Pentagon tries to wipe out a loss of 450 machine guns as a bookkeeping mistake?" ...Who steals the weapons?... - U.S. News & World Report

Someone is stealing weapons and ammunition from America's military bases. Who is stealing them and for what reason? That is precisely what CIA operative Eric Brent is wondering as he is being used by the CIA to flush out a secretive, "phantom" group hostile to a U.S. administration that threatens to destroy the American economy and shrink individual freedoms under the code name, Project Warrior.

Now searching for a secret self-contained military movement in the making, involving large numbers of National Guardsmen and Reservists, they have access and mobility to one of the largest weapons arsenals in the world, the National Guard and Reserve components. They are believed to be frustrated and angered over what's happening not only socially but economically to this country, but also politically and in foreign policies. Right Guard as they are now known is becoming it's own military and stockpiling arms internally from now abandoned bases all over the United States.

Will they be able to stop them before they unleash their own brand of civil war within the United States or will this be the end of the government as we know now it?

In the latest novel by Alexandra Hamlet, The Right Guard, provides a chilling fictional storyline taken from newspaper headlines from all over the United States. The reader is immediately immersed in this rich, fast, action-packed high stakes military suspense thriller as both sides race against the clock to see their own motives move forward. What is the reasons behind the rise in these military thefts and what will be the outcome if the CIA isn't able to stop them in time? The answers and more lie inside this amazing novel.

I received The Right Guard compliments of Media Connect for my honest review and it's interesting as you immerse yourself in the storyline, just how plausible it is for something like this to become a reality in our own country. While set over three decades ago, The Right Guard delivers a gripping, fast-paced realism that mirrors the political and economic climate of the United States today. Hamlet presents a very conceivable scenario that takes readers deep within the secretive world of intelligence and military espionage in this 4 out of 5 star thriller! For those of you that love novels dealing with military espionage, then this is the perfect novel for you.

For more information about this novel, the author and where to pick up this book today, please click on the link below:

Thanks to the generous folks at Media Connect, they have offered a giveaway hardcopy of this book to one lucky reader of this blog. Here's all you need to do to enter:

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3. Leave a comment below telling me why you'd love to win a copy of this amazing book. Don't forget to include your email address since that is how I will be contacting the winner of this giveaway. You can use the words (at) and (dot) instead of the symbols.

I will be contacting the winner via email when this giveaway ends on May 28th.


  1. I am a GFC follower

    This sounds like a really interesting storyline.

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  2. I am following your blog publically with Google Friend Connect. GFC ID: dod

    I would love to read this action packed novel. I love fast paced stories that intertwine with one another and this book certainly fits tht description.

    Thanks for introducing me to this book and for the review and giveaway. ~Pauline

  3. I am a follower and email subscriber. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book.

  4. I'm honored to follow my friend Tore here.
    Please enter me in this contest. "The Right Guard" looks like a book I'd enjoy and I like the cover, mixing the old with the new.

  5. I follow you because I can trust your judgementd on the entire book from start to finish I finally have the time to read as much as I like YEA

    Thanky you for such love of sharing stories before we so that we dont find trash ya know what I mean.


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